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About me

About Me

So you wanna know about me? Well first you need to know that I love to read, so if you don’t like to read then you shouldn’t be here. I ban you if you hate reading, but to my readers I definitely want to say books are my way of escaping this world full of losers, idiots and B’s (if you know what I mean). So this is my way of inviting you in my world.

Alright so now about me. I’m an official nerd to reading and writing like whenever i have a chance and I’m not on the computer I have a book in my hand just reading, like sometimes I read 200 pages in lke 2 hours so I LOVE reading. Next thing you should know is that I’m 15 and I’m in highschool (duh setierah). I love fashion and makeup so I might start a different blog for that. I do have a boyfriend but that is top secret information. Umm what else is there, bleh uhhh I can be very Hyper for anything if you give me a reason to be. Oh and I’m very friendly so if you ever want to talk you can go to my twitter or my Email and sends me something.

I don’t really know what much to say but comment what you wanna know and i’ll definitely tell you in another post like this. So make sure you leave comments. Also I ask if you are gonna comment please no hateful comments because what i write on here is for you guys and my sake of not going crazy so… And you can always request what you want me to write about or whats evs. So bye!!!! Love you guys.



I'm setierah and I LOVEEEE blogging about books, its my life.

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