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The Program

This book is what I can say A Piece of work that has made me cry and root for Sloane to push through the doctors and handlers. The saddest part was James and Sloane not knowing each other. But somehow once she was out, she had a weird feeling of guilt all the time when flirting with others. Is her heart teling her that her Knight in shining Armor is waiting for her or is she just nervous about Realm?

She sighs. “Why do you love James so much?” she asks. ‘Is it because he reminds you of the time you spent with your brother?’ “No. It’s because he’s hot.” I laugh, resting my head back against the chair. She’s the crazy one if she thinks I’m gonna tell her. “Would it hurt if I told you that James doesn’t love you?” “What?” “I’ve been through James file, and he told his counselor that he felt obligated to take care of you. That he wanted to save you because you were so unwell, and he didn’t want you to die like your brother.” She can’t be telling me the truth— James was probaly trying to protect me from them. And yet Dr.Warrens words are like a punch to the heart. “James loved me.” I hiss “And your twisted lies will never change that.”

Wow, that was powerful. Let’s start with the characters that were involveded in this book of emotions. Sloane, the one spike of heat when it comes to her and James. This character I fell in love with at first sight, because she was everything that I am. She has a flame that is ignited by James and for James. But then she also had this side that she could never let out in plain daylight because the fear of being flagged. The pain of losing her friends, her family and even the one she loved. She held this all behind her Facade of armor. Then we have James, who has infuriated me, made me laugh and made me cry. He was the one that Sloane and her brother and so many others counted on, because of him being strong and holding it together. But when is it enough that the pain can kill anyone. He is the one to deal with it all but one promise he makes can turn it all behind him into losing himself and the one he loves. Then we have Realm, a bit of deciever if you ask me. I really didn’t like Realm at the middle to the end where he was involved. And when I was reading the book I had my suspicions of him. But what made me really mad that he tried to love a girl that he knew would never love him back, that’s just setting yourself up for hurt if you ask me. And Lying about who you are is not going to get you the girl anyways, so I would cut my losses and leave while she still doesn’t know. But he did help her survive and lookout for her fo all the wrong reasons. But overall I just didn’t like him at all.

Then moving on, there’s the storyline that had me really mad and anxious for sloane to gte back to her original life. First of all, you can’t just flag a person because they look or act depressed, I mean looks can be decieving. Second of all, erasing someones memory of the painful events of their lovers is no the way to deal with depression or suicidal teenagers. Third of all, I must say telling or forcing medication is not the way to make someone talk to you about something, it just causes more trust issues and makes the person uncomfortable. So they really pissed me of about this but the ending was just what I wanted and needed to happen to restore my happiness. Let’s just talk about the ending, it was not predictable but only the romance was predictable. Because let’s just say that the heart will remeber everything that you take away from your head, even deaths or breakups you name it and I bet you your heart remebers it. Moving on, here’s a few questions to ask yourself during the book. One, Can I trust that person? Two, How does this help anyone Three, Does love conquer everything?  Four, What is stronger the pill or your heart? These question might not make sense now but it will soon.

So I definitely reccomend this book to anyone who loves a dystopian that is intriguing and fun at times and sad at momments but is worth it. I promise.



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