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What’s Left Of Me Review

I have a question if you had two souls, who would you choose to leave? In this case you don’t have any choices of who you want to leave, the recessive soul just stops and leaves just like that and never returns. In this book the two souls are Addie and Eva. Addie has always been the Dominant soul, she could control the movements and what they said and Eva on the other hand tried so hard to control anything but never could. So in this world not settling is against the law and if you don’t settle your sent to a facility that says they’re gonna “Settle you” but your never heard of again. So Addie and Eva try to hide not settling but it just gets to hard and she get sent away to the “Settling” facility.

But before we hit the plot lets see who is featured in this story. First lets go with the main character which is our recessive soul Eva. Eva well is literly her own person in another body (have you heard that before). She is smart, pretty and she can be very funny at times. She’s the very daring one though, she likes adventure. Then there is Addie the one that plays it safe. She is the responsible one that doesn’t like trouble at all. She is our Dominant soul, so she basically makes the desicions when and where Eva is going to talk. Next After the main character comes Hally and Lisa. Hally is  the spaz attack part of herself. She’s nice and so fun. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her but her self. Then there is Lisa, the mean but sometimes nice one. She is also the one who is very practical when it comes to their life. Then she has her brother Devon and Ryan. Where there is Devon he is the one who doesn’t care for anyone and looks out for his sister. He’s a party pooper if you ask me. Then there is Ryan who is the one who gets emotions and actually likes people. He actually developes a crush on Eva. He is a tinkerer and his attitude is so adorable (great job Kat Zhang).I think thats most of the important characters that stay constant.

Then lets have a deep discussion of the plot. Where should I start with this? Ooh, I know umm so how this story starts to fold out is that Kat Zhang takes us back to when they were little and thats when it all started. The unsettling, the doctors, the tests and the looks. Then one day Addie and Eva just start to kinda settle but they dont they jus really fake it and everything changes the family moves and the doctors stop with their tests and everything is normal until now. They go to a museum of a a war between the hybrids and the regular people. And the pipes or someting just KABAAM! The pipes bust and they have to evacuate the premises but something weird happens to Addie and Eva and everyone sees and the story goes on until the end of the day. The next days fold out into meeting Hally and Lisa and Devon and Ryan, they get invited to their house and they start to work on Eva gaining control of their body. And Yada Yada Yada, for weeks they do this and somehow they get found out and they all get sent to a “Settling” facility. Then they start their journey there which is an adventourous, interestin and infuriating journey they make but in the end it’s worth it. Oooh and one more thing, a dystopain wouldn’t be complete with some kind of love. Ryan and Eva develope feelings and i’ll let you find out the rest for yourself.

So my feelings is for some reason this book reminds me of The Program. Because of the doctors trying to fix these children and teen except the difference is between the two souls and the suicide epidemic. This book is very interesting, I enjoyed this book alot bcause of the characters who try and fight and get out and it’s just amazingly written for a Author that’s new to writing. I applaude you Kat Zhang, this is just on Hell of a good book, I give it 4 stars. I deffinitely reccomend you guys read this excitingly, fast paced dystopian YA novel. Try it and I gurantee you will love it by the 10th page and want more by the last page.



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