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Anna and the French Kiss

Oh La La, in france happens the greatest love story that ever happens. And I can actually believe that because France is the Romance city of the world people have me to believe. But when St. Clair and Anna actually meet sparks fly, hearts get broken and b*tches get jealous of her. So what can I say it’s the stage of the Drama perfomance that usually happens in movies like Mean girls or Confessions of Teenage Drama Queen or even Jennifers Body. So let me not keep you waiting and lets get into it.


So moving into the characters, there are so many that some may not be mentioned but I will get the most important ones, and with that lets begin. First lets start with my favorite and foremost Anna. Anna is the one who loves hard and fights even harder. What does she want? Well, what starts off as being a little crush, turns into someone loving one another. Anna is a girl that was raised in Atlanta and not only had friends there but a kinda boyfriend.  She also has a dream (of not only being with St. Clair) of being a famous film critic of movies. She deffinitely showed that in the book if I must say myself. Then St. Clair who is the best friend but who has thoughts of her being more to him. He is a British, French, American boy who does not like change. As this book goes on though you will see how much of dependency he has in so many people. But when is it enough time to wait for what you want? Then the next character that plays a great role is Bridgette. With this character, I had my suspicions and they were confirmed and I thought she was better than that. But what is she? She is Anna’s best friend, who can play the drums and steal guys if you ask me. I thought their relationship would keep them alive but you’ll see. Then there is Meredith, she is the sidelined one (I feel your pain) by St. Clair. She loves to play sports and be with her friends but sometimes she like to hang with them too much. Then there is Rashmi the best friend that doesn’t seem like a bestfriend but she is. She is the practical but hurt one and the only one that doesn’t have a crush on St. Clair. But her boyfriend on the other hand is a mess. His name is Josh and well he skips class and rather get totally drunk (which your allowed to drink when 16) than do his homework. Then there is second to last and foremost is Ellie. Ellie is St. Clair’s girlfriend, (who really is a real bad girlfriend to me) she has already graduated out of highschool. Not only is she a bad girfriend (I feel) but she is a bad friend (your just gonna stop talking to your friends. Wow). Last but not least  Sideburns (tommy) who is Anna’s kinda not but kinda so boyfriend. He is a pyscho jerk, who has no other concerns but his job and his band. He really is a loser, I mean really.


So now that you have most of the characters lets get into this juicy plot. So it starts off when Anna arrives in Paris, France. She meets Meredith and becomes instant friends and hits it off and she had a seat at their table and thats where she meets St. Clair and from first time they hit it off. She’s trying to find her way around the school and france and thats where St. Clair comes handy and they become best friends. But an attraction also comes along and well along being friends family problems come up, relationships end (or non-relationships too) and friends get hurt. But these are all mostly things that happen with teenagers.


So this book was literly the love of my life for like 3 days of reading it and I had fun. The story is intriguingly sly, beautifuly written and hands down funny. If I could give this book 10 out of 5 stars I would but I guess 5 out of 5 is enough. I willingly reccomend this book to sappy romantics just like me. So take a chance and I gurantee you’ll fall in love with this book at first sight. Enjoy!



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