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The Gathering Dark


What’s so mystical about the dark that you have to write about it? I mean this was my first reaction to the book and then when I saw it was Fantasy I was like “Hell naw!!!” but then something nudged me to pick the book up and just stare at it for five minutes. Like for real I stood there for ten minutes just gazing at it wondering if I should read it. But i started reading it and I was amazed how real it was I mean it started of as a regular teenager who had stupid guys that liked her and her super bestfriend. I get so sucked into it because at that moment she is fired from her job and goes to her favorite place in the world. The Music store to get some music to play but little does she know she might find the one to be with forever. But as normal as it seems it DEFFINITELY a fantasy. But before I reveal some of the secrets of the plot (Just Kidding I don’t do spoilers) lets see who is starring in this dream of a real fantasy.

So to start it off, I LOVED almost every single character in this book (because i love this book) so I think you will too. But anyways lets start off with Keira, she has a dream thats very important to her (who doesn’t), she wants to get into the school of music at Juliard. She wants it so bad that before anything she put her dream first, like no boys, no after school drama, sometimes no eating. But after meeting someone she learns how to be less concerned about her music and more relaxed with Walker. Then we have Walker, the guy everyone dreams about (like really his looks like amazing) but his looks have nothing to do with why he is there. Like people say looks can be decieving, dont believe he is the boy next door because he isn’t but I wish he was. Then her best friend (whose name is not coming to my mind) not mad at her (lets clear this up goodreads) she gets md at her for not telling her what’s going on in her life but is her friend. She works at the mall and has a selfish stupid boyfriend (she so much better, why have a boyfriend thats not equal). Also she plays the flute and plays an important role in keira’s life. Then lastly of important characters is Smith. Smith is Walker’s cousin (two cute guys. where can i get one.) who is mysterious, copy-catter of Walker ( keep it fresh please smith) that likes earth because he can get away from his mom. What else can I say, he is very weird and has abilities that nobody can know about (shhh, I wasn’t supposed to tell). Those are most of the characters you really need to know, sue me if I missed some (don’t sue me, I’m just kidding)

Now this plot is really what interested me. First it starts off as a regular book, a teen having problems with a job and people anoying them. Then she meets a guy and so on but the strange things that come are doors in the middle of the road and trees in the living room (what the hell is going on). But when she gets together with Walker, these visions get intense and harder. But why? It’s a question she asks throughout this book, Why, What and How. And for her to ask those questions and just not care, it has to be important. Weird things occur and Walker and Keira have to figure them out, but does one of them already know? With that I’m gonna give you the opion of my thoughts.

So, mind you I just didn’t read this book without consulting the “book society” but some of the reviews just made me wanna slap someone like really. Like people said “slow starting, or didn’t understand or plot was slow”. Ok so if you don’t mind my ranting i’ll just get on with it, first of all the plot wasn’t slow (maybe you are but the plot wasn’t) it was just helping develope the story. Then if you didn’t understand maybe you didn’t finish it ( we all do it. it’s ok) but don’t give it a bad rating because of your fault of not reading it. Because for me to read a fantasy in literly 8 hours is a record for me because I don’t like to read fantasies. So this book was Damn good and you know it (sorry for my language but it’s the truth I’m sorry) and just because you cant get into it or couldn’t finish it, it gives you no right to critisize it because of you. So I’m gonna stop now before I annoy you (probaly already did) so here’s my rating: 5 out of 5 stars because it totally captured my attention in every way possible. So try it out, i think you’ll love it but if you don’t then it’s ok because everyone has their opinion (like you seen me have. LOL) and you have rights to have it. So give it a try and tell me if you like it. Enjoy!



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