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Fearless By Fracine Pascal

Hey are you fearless? Hey don’t worry i’m not even close (i’m more of a weenie that lives in books that have adventures for her) to fearless or I’m not even like Gaia Moore. Let me tell you something about that girl, she is fearless no the meaning of fearless. So don’t be surprised when you actually read it that she’s not afraid of anything except losing Sam. Which I will get into very soon about him. But in this novel of courage, overcoming freaking bullies and dealing with what life gives you. You know what throw all of that out and think that this book is just about being fearless and just getting what you want no matter what and who stands in your way. But enough of that and I will just get into the girl-kicking-ass phase because I know you want it. 


Getting in this story you need to know who you are dealing with so I mean lets go through all the greetings. First lets meet Gaia the main character (and the best if you ask me) who is also the narrator I think. (By the way the chapter’s are told in different views form each character) Gaia is like the girl every girls wants to be (most of the time) but i don’t mean by popularity, I mean she totally sucks at that (just telling the truth) but girls want to be fearless and not afraid of anything. Also guys think she’s pretty but you’ll see for yourself. Then there is Sam, (who Gaia likes) he is in college but a total hot in a way you think is totally hot (like usually where you find the swooning party) and is tied down in a relationship that he likes the girl but doesn’t love her. You’ll find him totally stupid and irresponsible but you’ll definitelly love him like I did. Then there is Heather, who is the satan of hell the one you go to seek a loan at the bank. She is the popular, but hateful girl, she is undoubtly beautiful (just like Regina Geore in Mean Girls). Then there is Ed. Who is for some reason before meeting Gaia or becoming cripled was in love with Heather but she dumped him (ungrateful loser) for Sam. Also he is Gaia’s best friend (and by the way he’s a good one) who would do anything and I think he’s in LOVE WITH HER??? Wow 2 girls in 2 years that’s a great start.


So the Plot is AMAZINGLY well written. It starts out from Gaia’s I hate everybody point of view and changes with every section of Heather, Sam and Ed point of view. Then Bam!!! She goes into a park and does superman stuff to them like POW!!! BAM!!! WOSH!!! and the gang are just so scared that they run. Then the romance starts with Sam and her playing chess. That’s when he developes his feelings in the first place. and thinks about her crazy after. But does a love triangle start? Like Ed likes Gaia and Gaia likes Sam and Sam likes (or loves) Gaia. So then as you continue in the story you start to see the connections with the gangs and Ella (shes not very important though) and her Father. But the story trudges deeper and Gaia does things she never thought she would do, And all she wanted to do was really have sex with Sam. Like how far would you go for a stranger or someone you just want? She shows no fear and goes through Highschool, time by herself, and social life (what’s even left of it). So this story is amazing, so I give it 4 stars (which this decision was hard to make) for great compositon, love triangle and Bonus: Character Composition. So try it out, I think Most of you guys will love it if your anything like me. Enjoy!



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