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Monday madness Update

Hey guys, I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a week and I’m sorry I usually post every other day but yeah (no excuse). Umm so I ran off course a little (or alot) and started reading The Fault in our stars. Like OH MY GOSH this book has me crying so much like really, it has two cancer patients that are fighting through this disease together but at first was not very optimistic about anything. And the romance just fills me with so much joy that makes me cry because its just so beautifully written. Even though I’m not done I kinda have feeling something is gonna happen that is gonna make me so sad. John green I applaud you for making me actually feel so many feelings like I’m Involved in the book myself. I can’t wait to finish (or can I).

Then on Eve &  Adam i’ve made like 50 pages worth of progress, so that’s just great. But the weird thing is that secrets only get more confusing, which I think makes it more cooler (who uses that to describe a book, I do).  And also I notice a growing attraction between Solo and Eve but it’s like its there one second and gone the next, like what really. Also if I  had to pick someone that is really brave and cool and can be very stupid at times I would definitely have to pick me some Aslin, like really (where can I find that flavor).  But it’s getting juicy.

The 5th wave is actually very weird. And I LOVE IT!!!! Like really the author conveys an emotion that is totally amazing and when I read it I can pick up no fear of being killed but of being the very last person of her kind. I haven’t read much but it’s so far really amazing so YEAH.

Scarlet, I have not started but like the buildup of wanting to start it is like AHHHHHH. I should really hurry and finish everything. LOL

Also umm stay patient there will be a vid up very soon and also a very fun post I am creating so Yeah Love you guys and BYEEEE!!!!!

See you either tomorrow or Wednesday. Kay. Bye



I'm setierah and I LOVEEEE blogging about books, its my life.

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