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I’m not Dead Yet

Hey, guys I cant believe I went AWOL but like I have my days or weeks, or whatever. Fine you caught me I was and am currently grounding (so I shouldn’t be writing this but YOLO) which is basically like after school detention. Sooo yeah but anyways, while I’m on this topic ummm you guys should email me stories of your groundings and I will read them when I can lol. But ummm I am currently reading the The Great Influenza which is amazingly good writing about the history of Medical and whateever lol but it’s so good.

Then I am also reading Gone by Micheal Grant. It is absolutely capturing at the begging that you wont want to stop ever like really. It’s about how people just go vanishing and kids under 15 takeover the world. No I’m just playing but really people start Poofing and it just gets amazing as it goes on.

But I have to go and serve my death sentence of grounding, so happy reading to you all and have a great adventure.



I'm setierah and I LOVEEEE blogging about books, its my life.

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