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Friday Night Special

What’s tonight? If you said Friday, then you’re so right my lovers. Tonight is the night that we all say we’re gonna do something or hang with someone ,but you know we never do (at least I don’t), we all just like sit down on our bed, couch or love seat scrolling away at Facebook or twitter. So tonight, so you have no indications of sadness or boredom, here’s some ideas to make it so much fun being by yourself that everyone will wanna do it with you (have fun).

1.) Throw a dance party, for only one. I don’t mean with boring old music and getting on your computer and listening to it; I mean physically, take out your Ipod and then connect it to your speakers and just dance. This will help you two ways: one, the moving will make good hormones and make you feel good and two, you will just have fun!

2.) Curl up and read a book. It may sound so boring, but trust me, it’s not at all. Connect with the book and explore it and get to know it and then after your done with the book, search on anywhere for a review and share your own opinion. I’m telling you once you put up your own thoughts you will feel not only like you’re being heard but you will also feel really good.

3.) Watch a whole bunch of movies and scream at the t.v. no matter if it’s just a horror to a comedy. Just scream (not loud enough for everyone to hear) about their down falls. This is definitely my favorite one of all.

4.)  Bake cookies or some delicious dessert that you can gain two or three pounds off of. To add to this, picks some of your favorite tracks of music and you won’t regret this. WARNING: DO NOT get carried away with you’re dancing or well you’ll get this.


5.) If you just want to relax in bed, then I suggest going on google and searching funny videos and OMG you will be LAUGHING YOUR A** OFF!!!! Like this will be you in 5 min into the video


Then this….



And lastly…





So try some of these out and I guarantee you will either scream like you’re being killed, dance like theirs no tomorrow or laugh so hard you start crying and peeing and yeah all sorts of gross things. So have fun and well don’t get too crazy with anything. Bye and Have a great time doing this!

P.S. Click on the 2nd and 4th picture for epicness!!!!!






I'm setierah and I LOVEEEE blogging about books, its my life.

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