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Damn…. Whose better Real guys or Fictional?

Question, What kinda of guy do you like a Fiction guy or a Real guy? I mean like don’t get me wrong I love me some fictional male  characters. Nothing like some paranormal vampires being in love with you, right? But like Daemon in Obsidian, he’s hot and perfect but not like a real guy who really works hard to get you and doesn’t use you for his family purpose, like really. I think I like real guys better, they make mistakes and work hard to correct it. But also when your with a real guy you don’t know your destiny, your basically on a roller coster that you don’t where it turns or a car where you have no idea where you’re heading. With any real person, you have no set destiny meaning your end is unpredictable. With fictional characters, the ending is sometimes predictable and you know where it’s heading when its at the end. So I realized, without real guys it is like a life without meaning which is pointless; and if every guy was perfect, there’s no diversity (where’s the fun in that), so therefore I like me some real and hardy guys. Like just last night I met the realest guy you could ever meet, I mean he told the truth about anything and everything. I mean like no lies and he was happy to tell it like it was. But what this says,to me, is that real is more truthful and fictional is just so many lies. But this is my opinion, What’s yours?



Anyways, So this is what I think, tell me what kind of guy you like?

Love Ms. Slayer




I'm setierah and I LOVEEEE blogging about books, its my life.

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