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Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight



Love at first sight, is it real or just a myth that we make up? I’ve always thought it to be real and a dream of mine that would once come true when I found my prince charming, but never at an airport.Well this Insta Love story starts and begins a romantic journey of these two characters. The title has promised a deep ,passionate romance but has failed to deliver in many ways. But even though it’s failed, it did deliver some great qualities that I enjoyed.

To begin, lets start with a character study. Hadley was kind of a drama queen but with no depth that was tangible. I found her very bland and lacking charm, only because it seemed like her whole life revolved around her father leaving Hadley and her mother. Then there’s oliver, who is this super mysterious, intelligent, polite handsome guy who has some issues to deal with. But it seems like most of those issues revolve around his fathers ( I don’t suggest fathers read this) mistakes and actions. However Hadley’s Father, the asshole who breaks people heart (I’ve had a few those); he didn’t seem like such an ass then, I guess people can change, but his romance with Charlotte was better than Hadley and Oliver’s romance. Like they were just fluent and flirty while Hadley and Oliver were weird and choppy. Hadley’s mother who was the most down to earth still had some issues, but they were kind of expected to happen. Like she was dating this guy who has asked her to marry him like three times and she has turned him down all those times because she wasn’t ready to make this huge move again. I really love the mother because even through everything she’s one of those people to hang on and keep it together.

The story line was just really well made, but just needed some real live, upbeat characters to liven the story up. So the really good thing about this book, is that it starts out as thinking that fate of just doing something could of just changed the present so much. I liked how it was real, by having Hadley miss her flight by four minutes. That chance just made everything after that become a spontaneous combustion of a train. Both Hadley and Oliver were going to london and had the same seat spots but no thought of what would happen next. They knew nothing about how he and her might actually see each other in the future. But I liked that both of them didn’t look into the future they looked into their past but really stuck to the present. I really liked the story line but some things that really bugged me were the author narrating the life of Hadley. You guys know how I stated that she had no depth that was tangible, well I meant that. I felt that the author should of had it in first person so you could see the depth of her and not feel like a stranger. I also felt that the author should have made the relationship stronger between Hadley and Oliver and focused more on them instead of the fathers.

I really had a Love- Hate relationship with this book because it had many things that just wanted me to throw my Ipad at the wall. But it was also a really good story line, so I rate this book three stars. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t like YAY, you know what I mean. So yeah, guys you should check   out the book, I mean it’s worth reading ONCE. So Yeah.





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