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One Stone Left Unturned

By Marianna Heusler  245 Pages  Published By Wild Child Publishing  Published in 2013
By Marianna Heusler
245 Pages
Published By Wild Child Publishing
Published in 2013

Augusta and Tatiana, two girls from two different times with different situations connected by one thing. A stone, a beautiful one, that has a story behind it waiting to be unleashed by the right person. Their lives have been turned upside down completely. Tatiana’s life has been stripped of the riches that she has always been blessed with, taken away from home along with her family in an attempt be saved from the citizens rage. Augusta’s life is not been much better, has no love of anyone except her grandmother and is constantly harassed about her weight problem.

Elaborating on the characters, I found them alive and real like any person that is living and breathing. Starting with Tatiana, she demonstrates a strong leadership personality but with  a string of curiosity on some things. Being the most trusted with certain things showed that people trust her. Moving onwards to Augusta, she was more of the reserved, withdrawn type that tried not to pay attention to things that got her down and if it did then she would eat her feelings out. But towards the end, I noticed a huge change in her personality. Like she would become bold and outspoken, which made me like her even more.  The personality the parents of Tatiana were both different from each other Alexandra, was bold along with being decisive. Nicholas, Tatiana’s father, was not harmful and was not very respected because people would walk all over him. Augusta’s parents well parent and grandma are the opposite of each other. Augusta’s mother is well let’s just say an unconcerned concerned mother that was mostly about how she could make Augusta’s life well horrible for her life being horrible but sometimes showed a little understanding in the end of the book. Elivira, Augusta’s grandma, was like a substitute mother for her because she was kind and gracious for her and loved her like a mother would, until well she fell (the second time) and got dementia.

Story Time, I loved the story line because it joined history along with fiction and well I’ll tell you now I usually don’t like fiction mixed with history, so Before I read this I was kind of skeptical but then I just loved it soooo much. The story revolves around the stone that had been stolen from russia from the Imperial family and left in the church. Which that’s when Elivira found it and claimed in a jacket that she also found. The story is a fast paced, murder story that captures two girls lives and how the stone affect their lives.

I loved this story ALOT. This story deserves a four star rating and I definitely recommend this book to everyone and anyone that loves a good murder story because this one will leave you starving and wanting more. Enjoy!





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