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Long Behind update:)

Long behind Update 🙂

Hi My Slayers, So I know I’ve been a bad blogger and didn’t keep my word to blog almost everyday but to all those bloggers who know what I mean of a lazy period, where you are just like, “Bleh, I’m not doing anything for those people.” Lol so that’s what I went through for the whole two weeks that I haven’t posted, which I’m taking seriously and I wont (hopefully) do ever again but hey it happens.

So today I wanna talk about many things, but I will only focus on one thing. This one thing may change everything in the world but maybe it won’t, but I’m talking about Booktubethon this weekend!! I am so excited because this is my very first one and I’m just very happy and ready to get back in the groove of things. And the only reasons I’m telling you because 1). I trust you guys and don’t wanna dissapoint you in any way (more than I have) and 2). I think the blog posts will be good for me.

So I invite any Readers or book bloggers that are either in a slacking mode or are just trying to get their reading groove on because this is perfect for all of us. The deats are that their are no challenges, the booktubethon is really just to see how much you can read and push yourself. It was created by Katytastic, the Youtuber who I absolutely love, and a whole bunch of other people. So set your goals of how much your gonna read and get ‘er done and be rejuvenated by Monday to face the world.

Even though I said I really wanted to focus on one thing to gain a focus, I feel like I should put this in so you can be prepared. I will be posting a few book reviews and other surprises on this weekend and week but I warn you my sleeping schedule will probably be effed up so much so wish me luck.

So have a Great whatever and I will be back refreshed and happy after this weekend and I hope you have a great weekend and do the booktubethon just to have some fun. Alright I’m gonna go to bed because I’ve had no sleep like really so Good Night or Good Morning. Bye!!! 🙂



I'm setierah and I LOVEEEE blogging about books, its my life.

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