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Emmanuel Stone and The Phoenix Shadow


BookHave you heard about the story of Emmanuel Stone and his life. Well his life is well nothing like normal is defined, I mean his thoughts and history of his thoughts basically got him deemed as a psychopath bomb just ticking until he explodes. The phoenix Shadow, well they have life the hardest. I mean getting chased down because your telling the “truth” and if caught, getting tortured for information. But one Question? Which side is right and which side is wrong? Phoenix Shadow is depicted as bad people in life but are they really. No one knows not even the ones doing the capturing.
Many characters fill this fantasy of a story but I will mention mostly the main ones that are menetioned throughout the book. The first character that is very significant is Emmanuel, he’s been through a lot. I mean his mom and sister died right in front of him and his father ‘s eye. But as the story developes he becomes different in many ways but is still himself. His dad, which if you ask me when Emmanuel left was a Disturbing INDIVIDUAL, he scared me with all of his personalities. Cecilia, was the well umm (off the record the slut of all characters) the worst person that any guy could be with. I mean she doesn’t try to help her boyfriend through his misery. Nicole, she is like my hero of all time, because she kicks some serious butt. I alos like her because she is like a the female lead in a movie. Eli, the person who everyone is searching for. He’s is the kinda of person you see in the movies who is there at first but is gone the next, like he seems like a person who has mastered the act of dissappearing while being a killing machine. Even though there are so many others I am going to stop the list here.

The plot of the story was kinda confusing at moments to figure out how everything was connected but it all played out. So in the book everyone is divided and has their opinions on The Pheonix Shadow and how dangerous they are. And then there is Emmanuel who doesn’t seem to fit into anything until the middle where he finds… (No Spoilers allowed.) Also just to tell you there are many action scenes that will ust make you wanna be like a secret agent. So overall I give this book a Four star rating because it was interesting and made me wanna keep on turning pages. So check out this book, and tell me if you liked it or enjoyed it because I know I did.



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