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Reading Challenges

Happy New Years  guys,

The perfect thing to start out the new year is to get some reading in. So I have something truly lovely for you and feel free to start these as well. As there are many reading challenges I have planned on doing two of all challenges out there because this is really my first time doing them so yay. But anyways, lets get to those challenges shall we.

2014 TBR Pile Reading Challenge hosted by Bookish


Guys, I guess this means i’m going far back into my bookshelf for some of my old books that i want to read. I plan to read hopefully 41-50 books which can be madness but it is happy madness for me. So I can’t wait, I might start tonight, I’m like so excited right now!!! If any of you guys wanna join all you have to do is post (on Facebook/Blog/GoodReads page) how many  books, the link, the banner and yeah. (If i missed anything then just check before you enter or do any of that)

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EBook Challenge hosted by Workaday Reads 


I can’t wait to do this one because I’m always on the go and ready to pull out my nook and Ipad to get reading. So I can’t wait to do this and I plan on reading 75 books or 50 books because I don’t know how busy I’ll be so yeah. The link is below for the challenge.

2014 Ebook Reading Challenge sign-up

So Yup that’s what is going on with me and see you guys this week because I’m ready to get back to my regular schedule like for real. So have a great morning, so yeah.


Ms. Slayerofya




I'm setierah and I LOVEEEE blogging about books, its my life.

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