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Crash By Nicole Williams


Crash, two worlds colliding at hyper speed for two people, Jude and Lucy. Lucy from the world of cheering and dancing her problems away, and being the girl to not cause or create problems. Jude from the world of being single but doing every girl he can find, getting in to trouble, selling stuff and just being a freaking dush who is amazingly hot. They meet in the summer and something strange gets enticed and longed for and they draw to each other like opposite ends of magnets. Things happen and well Lucy just thinks it’s over. Then when she thinks they’re done over with it, at school she sees him and he sees her like love at first sight, over again. But if they are falling for each other, what if they miss and fall hard on the ground for each other. Even though opposites attract, it can attract past’s that should stay in the past, lies that should remain in the dark and just plain animosity that should be left alone. Jude and Lucy might just be the two who should stay apart or come together because lets just face it they are unsplitable when together. In the world of a biting high school teenagers who get jealous, urges and well any other thing in the world, can Lucy’s and Jude’s love continue on or will they just be heading for splits vile. I think that’s just the million dollar question everyone is waiting for an answer for.

So let’s just move along into getting to know the character that will be presented in the book. Lucy, the lovable, predictable girl who is model nice, more than easy on the eyes and has an attitude that might just be killer. I totally loved this chick but there was a problem with her. She was so predictable I mean she believed something that she should have asked about but whatever. So that was the problem with her but other than that she was AMAZING. Then comes Jude, he was probably my favorite character because he has a kind of spitting image of what I want in a boyfriend for me. He’s handsome, he’s kind and caring of the women in his life, and he has a deep past. Even though he is depicted as a “cancer cell” (meaning that he’s bad) he is really just the sweetest thing, I mean protecting Lucy throughout the whole book even if he wasn’t talking to her, doing the stupidest things for her, and righting his wrongs just for her. I mean he probably is a guy you would want to meet out in the real world. Next comes well sawyer the double teaming loser. Warning when and if you read this beware of this character because he will sound like he is the… Damn I can’t tell you but just beware of him, he’s just bad news. Then comes Taylor, I mean this chick was amazing at making things bigger than what they actually were. Like she should of been a actress, she made a big deal of Jude walking up to Lucy, then of his announcement. I mean Taylor should get an award for best dramatic friend in the world. Next her parents, which I mean the mom was the Ice queen and the other was the disoriented buttface that sat around. They were always there but when things happen, people change and these parents demonstrated that the most. Lastly is Holly, she was mentioned many times but never actually seen until the middle to the end of the book. She was the typical girl who our parents told us not to be (no offense) who had a baby by a jerky freaker and she was nice because I could feel her realness of the situation and of her character and it was just really interesting touch to the story that kept me reading.

Ploting time, ha ha get it, it’s time for us to plot. Yeah let me just get on with life before I scare you guys away. The book starts out relativily cool by starting with a summer fling. So to explain in the super fast rambly edition, Lucy meets Jude and he’s all like i’m not into the girlfriend/ dating scenario and she just like bites back and they flirt and well a day goes by and well they are finally aquainted and then stuff happens and then Jude and others are arrested taken away and he doesn’t call and then school starts and she’s like the newest hottest girl and rumors start and stop. Jude and Lucy makeout A LOTTT, they go to homecoming, they break-up and get back together and then other normal teenage stuff you’ll have to find out. Anyway’s thats my little summary of their little love story and I hope you enjoyed that ramble.

I wish I could tell you more about everything but I don’t want to give anything away from the book’s greatness. The only other things I will tell you are simple and can be said in three words. Reality of Highschool. This book taught me lessons about school and what can happen if you just do one thing wrong. But anyways before I go all parent on you I’m going to tell you this book is full of ass-beatings, arrests, love, drama and will have you going until the last word. I give this book a 5 star rating because it made me want to read and read and read it over and over. So I suggest you guys take a gander through your bookstore’s, library’s or shelf’s because it is a must read. So Enjoy!



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