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Gideon’s Angel Review

By Clifford Beal
384 pages
Published by Solaris

Colonel Richard Treadwill, exiled from England, knighted for the French army and loved by a beautiful lady. After seven years of being exiled to France, a dangerous plan comes about to conspire against England and then Richard is left with a decision to make ; to either go and leave everything he has built his life on or to stay and be used as a puppet for secret dark things. Which ever choice he comes to make there is a price to pay. Choices and choices they seem very different but they are not different at all. You see, both include a dark world of where the devil wants to take the world, things like dark dogs, angel or demons exist and where black magic is not just used by witches ( I wouldn’t be surprised to see some in this story, just stay positive). In the year 1635, two plots remain and they are to kill of Cromwell and to let the devil take the throne. Can Richard Treadwell stop both of these plots while staying alive and under the radar?

Characters, ahh where shall I begin, how about Colonel Richard Treadwell. He was a very ambitious character that was always on the run trying to get away from evil but attracting it more and more the further he ran away with it. A side note ladies, he is a lady magnet who attracts many turns of heads (on a good day at least). Then comes Billy Chard, who just like Richard was apart of the English army, who is apart of a group who believes that there is no evil in the world that there is only good. But get this, his whole persona shows him as a bad guy who steals money from tourists and who curses like a sailor until the sailor is drowning. Billy is actually my favorite character because he’s loyal, understanding and a pretty interesting guy. Gideon Fludd, I can say that he is an army leader who enlists the help of a Demon (he doesn’t know that). He is a false believer in the angel or demon of performing a duty against parliament. Then comes Richards brother Thomas Treadwill, who is well in my words a worry wart but I can’t blame him. He was like the protector of many people who his brother had to leave and I mean overall he was a man of honor. Marguerite, who is Richards lover is a very smert charming lady who can charm her way out of anything. Many look at her like the one who is to be forced to do things but she has quite a backbone that well was was unbeatable. D’artagon is a french soildier who sticks to his orders no matter what. I mean if you ask me I can see him in cartoons being the one to strap down the lady to the traintracks. Ashmole, even though introduced in the middle of the book, he showed knowledge that no one had of the devil or demons. He was an astronomer, who took pride in his work and having contacts to futher his work. I believe he has no bone in his body that won’t question his work on this “other world”.Cromwell, who is the leader if England and the one being targeted. He is not very mentioned to give you big facts about him but I can say that he semms like a foolish but caring soul. Lastly Anya, she is Richards wife, (there’s a long story why they are not together but you will find out in the story yourself it’s actually vey interesting) who lives back in England with his children. She is a very strong, resource using woman which is very good back in the 1630’s because well lets face it ladies, we had no rights what so ever! So these all the characters that I found important to the story because without them you couldn’t have a story.

I think this Fantasy has a pretty good plot because well lets me just say anything with a relationship, paranormal, and a fantasy that gives you a thrill along the way. So I’m gonna try not to spoil this but If it happens then i’ll put spoiler alert on there for you, but anyways In the land of Black magic, war, Angels and Demons and the recoming of the lord chaos is in the making. Meaning, in 1635 you have people who are belting the bible at you and then you have people that are ranting and raving about how christ will rise and bring England back to glory and so and so on. But they are not nearly as bad as the people who are trying to make the lord come back with spells, potions and demons (angels) to do the work for them. But to quickly ramble what the strory is about, Richard is exiled and then talked back into going back, he visits his family, finally sees the truth about cromwell and decides to enlist help, he meets billy and they venture on to save cromwell. So that’s allyou need to know about the book because im saving all the good stuff for you to find out.

I give this book an absolute 5 star rating because lets face it, I LOOOOVE books like this because it has so much action into it that like it can technically be classified as a action. I also loved this because well it had a relationship, war and well anything else like that. So, I totally suggest this book to anyone and I applaud Clifford Beal for his great work of art. Enjoy!



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