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"Your path may change, but your destiny never will." 408 pages  By Lauren Miller
“Your path may change, but your destiny never will.”
408 pages
By Lauren Miller

One choice decides your future. Any choices can affect your life like going out with a guy, choosing to go home for a holiday instead of staying at your dorm and even having a fight with you friend. So for Abby her life revolves around decisions from her senior year. One day is different from the other,  different places, different guys and well it’s just sad that she doesn’t get to enjoy one reality before reliving another. Noisy, snotty, b**chy outbursts and well anything you can imagine are contained in this small oracle of words. Two worlds,one person, and so many possibilities that you could never expect. The one question is how do you stop changing the past so you can stay in the future?

 Abby, the main character is a definite spitting image of me. She is a person who constantly thinks of where she wants to be and will work hard for it. She overthinks, makes many mistakes in life and judges herself overly. Caitlin, Abby’s best friend and she is a gorgeous nerd (just like me, lol jk). She dabbles in Astrophysics, loves everything science and well is absolutely charming until you piss her off. Josh, who is the absolute fine, off the market young man who well absolutely diggs Abby (‘if you know what I mean 😉 ). He is like Bill Nigh the science guy except hotter. Then there is Tyler, who is Caitlin’s and Abby’s best guy friend. He is the fun, dreamy guy you want to be with in life. Michael, who is Josh’s older brother, who is a juvenile loser because he treats his mom like crap and doesn’t like his stepfather. But as sinister he is, he is contagious with his good looks and infectious kisses. As there are many other characters I find these characters the most important to the storyline, because I’m being totally honest the characters are what make this book so interesting.

In this tale, I find that this plot is very intricate with detail and very easy to get into because of the natural feeling of a teenager is exposed into it, and with a splash of detail it’s a delight to read. But let me just tell you when I was in the process of reading this book, at moments I had tiny flashbacks of my life and I had a kind of I love you but I hate but I secretly like take all my time for you relationship, like It felt like I was on some real kind of drugs ( I’m just using an example,I DON’T DO DRUGS, just saying). But getting on a real serious note, the story of the book was totally all about how one decision can change everything in your life. So of course being me I have to find the deeper meaning behind everything, I thought the meaning behind this book was to live life to the fullest and have no regrets in life at all and you will find your destiny within time. So I’ sorry I couldn’t deliver on my good plot but I kinda did a lot of telling things in the start of things but don’t be hindered by that. I give this book a definite 5 stars, hands down.

So as always, I enjoy writing these reviews for my viewers and I hope you guys love them as much as I love doing them for you. Also just to mention, you should start paying attention to the other pages because I will be doing vloggs and writing about my boring teenage life, bleh, but if your interested I will be starting that so yeah. I hope you pick up this great, wonderful book to support my new favorite author so yeahs. Enjoy!!!!








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