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The Grind by Stavro Yianni

"A horrolicious book that will scare you right into your mothers arms."
“A horrolicious book that will scare you right into your mothers arms.”


So guys I know that i usually don’t start of my reviews like this but this is a different kind of a story that needs to be taken a different way.But as this is a different type of book full of short stories, Im not gonna do a character analysis but I will be doing a few analysis of a few short stories. So enjoy the review of this fascinating novel provided.

The fear, the horror of being stalked by zombies that are hungry for food or by being farmed by a farmer. All these scenarios just mentioned are like my worst nightmare that I have ever had since i’ve read this book and let me tell you the book will take you for a ride and never let you go until the last punctuation mark. Chases and scares of a world you don’t even know will come and haunt your life for a long time to come, my friend. This is truly the most chilling compilation of stories I have ever read. As my advice, I would say that you will not sleep for days, so be prepared for sleepless night of horrors.

Connoisseurs De Carnagè
This story was the scariest for me, because it combined the horror of serial killers and a passion for art. I think this is the SCARIEST story I have ever read like in ages. My reasoning, people killed people just to get ahead and create masterpieces. Mainly people killed others to also gain fame but also to gain rank in superiority. Even though this story was chilling it was one of my favorites from this book.

Ahh this story was terribly weird yet kind of played with my subconscious. The scariest part is the main character having conversations with the green man or his minions. Especially the way in his dream it felt so real especially on the day to find his job. This story could really happen in reality because of the guy hallucinating and listening to voices, basically schizophrenia but with a great twist. I think I loved the part the little boy played in the story and how it just manipulated the feel of the story.

Farmed Out
Lastly, this short story was very cool yet chilling to the bone. It provided the weirdness of a farmer farming people, and that just made me freak out because of the farmers personality. But besides the farmers personality, the whole story was freaky itself because of what was happening. But I really loved this storyline because out of all of the short stories this one had a happy ending which just made the whole book so much better.

Anyways guys, thanks for reading this review and I give the whole book a 5 star rating because it gave me all the scares I wanted as well as a great stories that shined throughout the horror. So this book was a great read and kept me entertained throughout the whole book. I really hope you guys enjoy this masterpiece of horror and defin




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