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Fangirl’s Encore

So while in class after one of my midterms, I hugely detest, I decided to write the review of my favorite books this year at least called Fangirl. I really wish my damn computer would stop correcting the title, but anyways the book was an eye opener to a new world that I have never entered: Fan Fiction. The main character Cath is a Fanfiction writer for the book and well is like more than involved in the life of the characters, but she uses that world as an excuse to avoid reality of all the problems faced. Fangirl is the truth about life, love, college and family, which in my book is one of the best things that could ever be written about.

The characters in this book are interesting, lively and creatively different in every way possible. Even the names of the characters are so creative, like Cath, one of the main characters. Cath, a introvert, lover of fanfiction, writes fanfiction about the book (not real) series about Simon Snow. She’s a character that doesn’t spend her time socializing but just writing; nothing like her best friend/sister. Wren is the other half of her sister, basically a introvert with extrovert tendencies. She starts to become different pulling away from her sister becoming her own individual coming into her own person. Raegan, the roommate of Cath, who is a total bad-ass chick who like does everything (including guys) that she’s interested in. She’s how do I say, a dominant figure that scares people off but really cares for her close friends. Levi, is a different kind of guy full of mystery, yet open as a book. He’s the kind of guy that makes your heart race every time he smiles at you; definition, he’s nice, kind and welcoming in every way possible.

The storyline of the college setting was Cath deadline for finishing her fan fiction story for the Simon Snow while dealing with college assignments and students. Fangirl is one of my favorite kind of holiday books even though it isn’t really a holiday book but it’s just a funny, heartwarming story that makes me want to be in the story also. So I absolutely love this book and I give the book an Amazing 5 stars and recommend everyone to read it.





I'm setierah and I LOVEEEE blogging about books, its my life.

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