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Vloggy TIme!!! What Comes to mind.

Yo guys,

So I hope you guys have seen the post that I recently put up yesterday and well let me just tell you that Fangirl was the hardest book to ever explain in words because I loved the book so much that sometimes it’s super hard to be critical towards it. I kind of wanted to say that I’m not a very critical reader because I enjoy reading but if you guys want me to do a few critical reviews I will. Just let me know, and also tell me how bands have just caught me like dead in my tracks?! LIke I swear I have been digging bands like Arctic Monkeys, Bad Suns, The Neighborhood, and like for real more to come. But like what bands are you into like I really am curious to know. But besides my growing obsession to bands, I’ve been up to a lot of reading and I am sooooooo hoping to have some time to get some more into my growing list of books. So far I’m like over 25 books which I hope is accepting to you guys.

While worrying about the amount of books I’m reading, I also have the last of my midterm exams today and Friday which I absolutely hate, but they’ll be over and I’ll be on my two week break, yay!! Break is like the summer I needed in the middle of the year which makes me even more excited, what about you guys, is break your summer? So, I’ll stop rambling on, taking time out of your morning and get some holiday decorating done on the blog lol, maybe I should record the process. SO talk to you guys later, and have a great day!





I'm setierah and I LOVEEEE blogging about books, its my life.

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