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Blogging Goals of 2015!!!!<3


So like really I missed you guys so much, but to contain all of my happiness I am finally doing my sort of goals of 2015. Basically I have only a few goals that would really make me feel good, and these goals are going to be centered around blogging. Then i’ll make a book goals of 2015 to let you guys know what I’m striving for. But anyways here are my blogging goals of 2015.

1. Take Responsibility for My Blogging Career

As a blogger I dreamed of having a great fairy godmother that would wave her wand and magically make me have a great blogging life. But as you all know ,THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. So I soon arrived at the point that I had to work for it and really hard. But I have a point about this so stay with me, I’m confessing that I really want to take more responsibility for my blogging career. Yep, I said it, I feel that I could be more responsible for my career as a blogger.  I don’t know how but I will figure how to better myself as a blogger, because it isn’t fair to you guys that I sporadically post here and there and promise a consistent post. So I am going to change and become a responsible blogger.

2. Be More Social (less loner lol)

Absolutely nothing is wrong with being a loner, which I know but I realized that it’s important to be social and make friends around the blogisphere (I know I spelled that wrong but we will all live with that). I figured that instead of having just my books as friends, I could have actual people as friends. Lol, seriously though I really have no people to talk and converse with about books, unless they are those annoying people who ask about your book and act confused after you explained everything, like wtf. 

But I feel that I just need to have a crowd of bloggers who have done it better and longer, so changing my crowd and improving my surroundings.

3. Become A stronger Critical Reviewer 

I really thought about this goal and think that it may seem foolish to other stronger book bloggers because you can’t change the style of your writing because it’s simply your writing. But I think that if I improve and become more critical, I may one day be able to provide reviews that gives insight to readers while not spoiling the books for readers. This will also help me with my analyzing passages for my standardized tests, so it’s a win win for the both of us. So being me, I am going to try to improve my style, YAY!!!

4. Keep Up With The Jones’s

I know what’s going through you guy’s mind right now, such as    OR     

But I need you to stay with me, keeping up with the Jones’s is to stay alert on the books that book bloggers are reading. I know, who is going to mention the unknown books. Well, I am but I still need to keep up with the newest books to bring my viewers the best informed reviews.

So there are my goals, short and sweet and to the point and I will be following up with my goals in reading for you guys to see. But I hope you guys enjoy your night and ohhhhh let me not forget that I have so many new books and will be doing something to recognize them very soon so get ready for that and have a great rest of the week. Love you guys!!!





I'm setierah and I LOVEEEE blogging about books, its my life.

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