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Valentine In Love review!!!

Stereotypes get you no where in life, especially when it’s your bosses brother. Valentine is a beautiful girl, from France with a mission. Her mission is to one day create an animal hospital that runs for free instead of with a cash flow. but as the handsome Joshua steps foot in her area, sparks fly and well things get complicated.But no matter what she thinks of the guy rumors float around about him. A heartwarming story about how love conquering everything.

Valentine, a great, typical female who showed ambition for her career while resisting the attraction to love. Throughout the short story, she was consistent with no change unless there was conflict between them (which happened often), basically she was old reliable. Joshua, a man of high style fashion with dazzling smile but with a broken heart inside of him. He was a very focused guy on work and showed the signs of being hurt by another woman by resisting valentine. On the other hand, he turned out to be a very passionate guy towards valentine, latching on to her at once.

I enjoyed this story about love, but thought that maybe the love was too instant between them like I don’t know. But no mater how fast the love occurred the story still intrigued me and kept me satisfied. So to all you hopeless romantics like me, read this book or buy it here e+in+love.

So thanks guys and have a great day with your loved ones, or your friends, doesn’t matter just spread the love.





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