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Horror Business Review

Hi my loves,

So I have to apologize to you all for having a very late review that was supposed to be up a few days ago, so please bare with me.

Horror movies, a love to all basically a delicacy with tricks and trades. Horror business by Craig Ryan, was a mix of a horror movie, with behind the scenes of making one. People went missing, they were missed but never forgotten to all the lovely parents that still made an effort to look for their children. What happened? A question from all people.

SO, I absolutely adored this book, with a few flaws for me at least, but overall this book had a horror qualities. I loved the plot,but hated how the plot was set up. Like I felt that the sections didn’t correspond to each other but it still made sense. I absolutely loved how the main character was making a horror movie, showing us the script. Also the mystery that came with it was definitely elaborate in details while maintaining the question of  where the missing children were. But that’s all I’m telling! You’ll have to read for the rest.

Lets see, the characters were ornate and put together very well. Jason was very articulate for many reasons. Due to being a movie director, he was very nitt picky with small details in his movie. Steve, he was a lady oriented guy who loved horror movies. Kinda just like Jason but weirder. Ally, she was so bipolar, sometimes she was into Jason and movies and other times she was against (not really my favorite) him. I found her just annoying sometimes. Jason’s parents, a victim to their son being missing, were like in a dream like state of sadness. His mom was out of reality and his dad was hitting reality hard (with being a little drunk). Overall, the characters weren’t bad at all had some spunk to them.

Overall, I thought this book was pretty good and interesting, definitely kept my attention (I finished the books so f would recommend it to all you readers (not just saying that lol), especially lovers of horror, like me lol. Have a great day guys!



P.S. A big thanks to the people who provided me the book.

Also, here’s the link to buy it:



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