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Life In the No Dating Zone Review!!!!

So hey guys,

I have a review for you and well do I have some thoughts on it. Swore to never date in High school, no one knows why but they just wonder why. She avoids having a relationship at any cost, and she well falls for someone unexpectedly who thinks he likes someone else. A sweet romance about unexpected love, friendship and breaking bonds in life to move on.

Characters, well the characters in this book were really dramatic about SOOOOO many things, like I liked them but I felt like I was going to smack them every time they talked about their problems (every 4 minutes for me, lol). The main character was so OVER dramatic about her promise of not dating in  high school, like all I could say to her is “you trying not to date isn’t going to help anyone.” but I mean I felt I would be like that sometimes, after break-ups. Then Lindsey was like Queen Bitch Bee and she was just to much. I think I much more enjoyed the parts with Gray, because he wasn’t that overly dramatic, there were moments of drama he made but it was minor. Other characters like Rachel, Sean, and other minor characters were refreshing and NORMAL, for me at least.

The characters in this story doesn’t really change the way the plot turns out, but the characters do add some interest in some of the parts of book that can be dull. But I loved the storyline of “he likes her but secretly doesn’t know that he likes someone else”, it was definitely the like best part of the book. Overall, I liked the book, I got annoyed at some petty parts, but the book bought some interesting ideas. So I hope you guys read the book, I recommend it, and enjoy it.




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