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BookTuber Habits Tag!!!

Good Morning,

So I just realized I have done nothing fun or revealing about myself in forever, so I have a tag today that I hope you guys legit have fun reading. I mean who doesn’t like tags, lol crazy people. Let me stop, anyways here’s the tag.

1. How often do you check Youtube a day?

Honestly I am a Youtube junkie for all things. Like For real, if you look at who I am subscribed to on Youtube you see how diverse I try to be. But anyways I basically visit Youtube everyday ( I totally ignore wordpress, sorry wordpress)

2. What is your favorite type of book video/post to watch/read?

This is like a super easy question for me because I am legit addicted to watching and reading book hauls, like I feel I would never survive without them. I think the science behind this is because I love buying books, and basically I get to snoop on other people on what they purchased so I can justify my buying because of their buying. (I know I’m so shallow)

3. Is there any structure to the types of videos/posts you make each month?

Unfortunately I have no structure to my posts, I basically just go with the flow of what I feel that day. It’s really just tons of words stringed together about the same topic. But on the bright side  I keep it fresh and cool every time I write.

4. Do you have any social media related to your channel? If so, which one do you check most frequently?

I do, I actually have my twitter which is @tierah34, that I basically live on each day. When I say live, I legit mean live. I also have a tumblr and an Instagram, but I don’t use those as much as my twitter because I honestly feel that society would shun me from their with all of my posts.

5. Do you write, edit and upload your posts all at once? If not, how do you go about your “blog post making” process?

Well, many times, like now, I do everything on the day of the scheduled post but it depends on two main things. One: If I am in a rush to put a post up for my audience (most of the time). Two: If it is asked or requested of me to put up a specific post. Basically, I’ll schedule the post if it’s for an author/ review company or I’ll just post my writing the day of if it’s my idea.

6. Do you like and comment on all the book posts you read? Or are you a lurker?

Well, it really depends what the post is about. Because sometimes I might not have a comment to what the person is talking about. But if I can definitely relate I love to comment positive words to make someones day!
7. Do you try to review books as soon as you’ve finished them (on Goodreads and Youtube) or do you wait a few days/weeks?

I wait for about three days to let the book digest so I can properly give my views on the book without the immediate feelings of a book occurring. I find it the best thing for me to do.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this ramble filled post about my blogger habits and I tag all of you to do this tag and reveal your habits!
Have a lovely day,



I'm setierah and I LOVEEEE blogging about books, its my life.

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