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Standing by China Dennington Review

Good Afternoon guys,

So I have this review of a fantasy book and kind of wanted to share it with you. But first of all I want to say that this was a very good debut novel and that it was very unique. Moving onto the review, an adventure from place to place for a meaningful purpose, to save the future is a fantasy lover’s dream.

The characters were all very different, with many refreshing touches to them that I enjoyed. Gale to me, had leader Moments at times but wasn’t a devout leader because she always worried more about her decisions than making decisions. I also felt that she was a soft character and not as strong as female leads can be; I kinda longed for a stronger female with less breakdowns. Force on the other hand, was a very strong leader while being effortlessly calm and collected. He was definitely one of the characters that provided the glue for sticking the story together. Lynn, an older lady with fantastic powers that no one could possibly have; was a great character, who symbolized a great amount of hope and wisdom for others to latch on to. Tivia and Liam both were great characters because of their passion towards helping Gale and Force. With those two characters side by side you could never lose a battle. Junior, my favorite character of all was a cute flamien, and let me tell you he just made my heart do that thing it does when you see your crush walk down the hallway towards you, he was my love of the story lol.

The plot was greatly planned and was very cool to read about. I felt that if Gale had shown more female lead qualities, then the plot would have captured my attention way more than it did. Besides that technicality, I liked the book and enjoyed the mermaid twist to it. But i recommend all fantasy lovers to read the book. I also just want to thank the lovely author, China Dennington for giving me this opportunity to read this book and I applaud her for writing her first book. So that’s all for today folks and have a great day.



p.s. comeback tomorrow for an interview you won’t want to miss. Til Tomorrow! 🙂



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