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Praefatio Review by Georgia MacBride

Good Morning,

I have a book review that may thrill you, maybe even kill you when I’m finished. Prepare for what I am about to tell you.

In a different kind of book you’ll experience something known as insanity. I know what your thinking, insanity is a kind of word to describe something that is in a world of madness but how else could you describe a book that throws you unknowingly into a world you have no idea about. The word insanity describes this book perfectly. Well maybe not perfectly, but pretty much fits.

In preafatio, a story is told in an odd way, leaving you, me and Dupree clueless. Meaning that the author doesn’t tell us anything until she feels like telling us. The plot begins with a mysterious character, in a police car on the way to the police station. In the police station we have no idea what’s happened to the character. Then the story begins, and I’m not spoiling. I promise that you’ll thank me for not telling you anything going into the book, because trust me you will want to find out. The one thing I will share is that, this plot is different from any other plots created in this genre.

In her characters, I felt the secondary characters were better created then the main ones. I know what you guys are going to get at, but the characters made in first person were basically very complex, sometimes throwing the plot off. Like with the female lead, Grace, she was strong but divided, meaning that she was two different people at the same time. At one minute she was this strong, bold girl who’d could face anything; then she seemed to change into being a wimpy, cry baby. This contrast between the two different hers stretched me until I was like the tall, taffy kid in Willy Wonkas chocolate factory. I mean I liked her but I felt like I would need to be the girl who slaps her friend to say, “SNAP OUT OF IT”. Then there was Gavin, who to me was the one that made her a wimpy, crybaby while building her up to be this great leader (which she was). But him himself was a complex guy full of emotions that ran without control. I liked him but felt he was a butthole that was pushy yet lovable. I mean I would probably have a love and hate relationship with him everyday.But to be honest my favorite character in this book though would have to be either Gavin’s father or Grace’s father because they both were simple, and reacted with their environment very well. And they were like legit bad-ass for it.

Overall, I loved this book but hated the questions it left me with, like I legit felt like the author didn’t want me to know what happened. I swear I would’ve read a hundred more pages just to get a clue. I think you guys should definitely read it but with caution because some topics in this book might falter with your religious beliefs, even if it is fiction. But go on and buy this book or borrow, because I promise you will love it.





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