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I am a Blogger who DNF’s!

Lets talk about this distress we all go through called, DNFing. As readers we all have days where certain books, that we’re forced to read or we’re recommended to read that just don’t come through, and we drop them. But people take DNFing so serious, and to that I say, what the hell is wrong with you?

Why do readers, especially book bloggers, take it So Damn Serious? Like I know some of you are screaming, “it’s just a dang book“, but then again I understand why we book bloggers take it so seriously. DNFing is an act that tells an author that they basically sucked at writing that book, and most of us don’t want to say that about someone’s book. Basically saying that about someone’s book is like ruining your whole career on purpose, and your not really ruining your career your just telling the truth. And lets be honest, telling the truth scares people so much because then they have to realize that they aren’t going to be perfect and finish every book they read. Like while the book bloggers who sleep a perfect night’s sleep and while having a daily post every day without struggling to find something to write about; I’m here being a real girl, getting no sleep to deliver a fantastic discussion post for my audience while planning a great next month ahead. Being perfect isn’t going to ever be real, so to all of those book bloggers who say you must finish a book-with a pointed finger, and a dissaproving look- I say NO!


Who says we, the people, have to finish every single part of the book! Who says we should have to be bored to death, with words that have an intention of taking our souls and molding them into old people that follow the rules! We are the young, the restless, the rebellious! So no to finishing all the way through, to hell with wasting my time reading words with no intention of entertaining me. This is what I believe, and this is what I live my life by, but I will explain both sides to the story.

My side of the story includes three points: wasting time, boring yourself, and being honest with yourself. First let me address that finishing a book that doesn’t interest you is just wasting your precious time, that could perhaps be used to achieve some peace in the world, or even create a masterpiece like Da Vinci, or Micheal Angelo. It’s just a huge waste of time that sucks all of your energy away. While sucking your energy away it kills every interesting body part that you have in you, even your reproductory organs. Like if the book isn’t doing it for you, then give it up, don’t kill the most interesting parts of yourself for the book. And throughout this whole process you become a liar. Yep, a liar! Let’s just remeber that telling yourself that something is good when it actually sucks gets you no where, at all. Especially when your reading. Don’t lie to yourself like some of these readers, lets be honest to ourselves.

But there is another side to this argument. And it’s to finish the book even if you can’t even stand a word in it. Don’t ask me why, but numerous book bloggers continue to read the book to not only increase their hatred towards the book but to “gain a better perspective on the book”.

Dude in my opinion, if the book sucks on the first page its going to suck on the last page and thats me saying this from a professional perspective. To do a review means you give your real impression of the book while being real to your audience, and by forcing yourself to finish the book you become almost fake because your actions tell readers that book is worth a read and it isn’t. ┬áLike your egging your audience on with your actions to read and finish a book that they can’t stand and for what?! For what is the question I would ask every book blogger that doesn’t DNF and powers through, because powering through just to insult someone’s hard work is worse than putting the book away.

So I invite you guys to rant back to me or whatever, but this is how I feel and it will always be how I feel. And I am not sorry for feeling this way, because it’s me being honest and not being perfect which I hope you guys would respect me for. So thanks for reading and have a great day guys!





I'm setierah and I LOVEEEE blogging about books, its my life.

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