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Interview with Caroline Patti!!

Hey guys,

It is I Setierah with an interview of the wonderful author, Caroline Patti, who I am absolutely grateful to have met and interviewed because she’s so freaking cool. But besides being cool, she’s also the great writer of Into the dark which will be out in 8 or 9 days. So be sure to get to Amazon to either order a paperback or pre-order the kindle edition here before they run out guys (you can click amazon or here to get to the page, as well as the picture lol). But anyways, enough of my marketing and here’s the interview, and make sure to stay tuned for the giveaway at the end!

Click Me!!!
Click Me!!!

1.What is a common theme used between your books? Why did you choose this theme?

There is always a good versus evil thread running through everything I write. What I love to do with this theme is muddy it up. I love to make the line between the two not only flimsy but vague and arguable. I choose this theme because it is the ultimate question that everyone has to answer, what is the right thing to do? It’s so delicious to pose that choice and make the answer unclear.

2. How has S.E. Hinton’s book The Outsiders influenced your writing style? How has she influenced your career, if possible?

S.E. Hinton is a genius. I am not worthy to be mentioned in the same sentence with her. Just the other day, on Twitter, I mentioned that I managed to snag a signed copy of The Outsiders and that it is one of my most prized possessions, and she actually tweeted ‘thank you’ to me. I almost fell out of my chair. If I can claim any influence at all, it is through her ability to write strong characters. Her characters are captivating and their voices are clear. This is something I always strive for in my own writing.

S.E. Hinton is in a category with Judy Blume and Roald Dahl—they’re in another stratosphere. The rest of us will always be on Earth looking up to them.

3. Personally I love twitter because it’s my own diary that I can write devious thoughts in to make my day move faster, but why do you love twitter? Do you find it a useful way to communicate with other authors or fans of your writing?

Twitter changed my life. If I could somehow express my gratitude to it properly, I would. But how do you send a website a box of chocolates? Without Twitter, Into the Dark would not be what it is today. While I was schlepping through rough draft after rough draft, I stumbled upon #YALITCHAT and there I met its creator, Georgia McBride. At the time, she was offering editing services, so I begged and pleaded and she eventually agreed to help me. She and I went round and round for a few months and then I decided that the book really did suck and it was time to scrap it. I remember I sent Georgia an email explaining that I gave up; I was done. But she wouldn’t let me quit. Eventually, the book really started to take shape and when Georgia started Month9Books, Into the Dark had a publisher.

I haven’t done much connecting with fans yet. I’m hoping that’s around the bend. But Twitter is an excellent place to chat with other authors and make great connections.

4. What gave you the idea to write Into the Dark? Was there a specific moment or day that bamboozled the idea in your head?

I was at my daughter’s dance studio. Have you seen Dance Moms? It was kind of like that, but without the psychotic mothers. Anyway, I was bored and my mind started to wander and that’s when Claire Henry introduced herself to me. She had quite the dilemma. She thought she was pregnant, but turns out she was really a Breacher and she was getting ready to split from her body for the first time. Several revisions later, Claire Henry became Mercy Clare and the rest, as they say, is history.

5. How would you describe your regular writing days versus your “weird” writing days?

My regular writing days involve a smelly dog at my feet, some music and usually 1500-2000 words written. My family is uber supportive of what I do, and though they interrupt me constantly, they know when I really need space to get things done.

A weird day for me is when I go into some sort of trance and the words pour out of me at an alarming rate. My record is 10,000 words in one day. I’ve come close to that on several other occasions. It’s almost as if I’m possessed by my characters. They give me bathroom breaks though, so I’m okay.

6. What’s your absolute favorite part about being a writer? Why?

Without the creative outlet of writing, I’d be an insane person who hears voices. My favorite part of being a writer is making readers feel. I love to make readers cry, get angry, etc.. I love the manipulation. Kidding. What I love is the chance to make a reader connect to the characters/story in the same way that I do.

7. Use one word to describe Into the Dark?


8. Describe Mercy’s fashion sense versus her friend Layla? How do they differ?

Mercy’s fashion sense is much more understated and practical. She’s not averse to fashion, necessarily, but she likes to be comfortable. Mercy is much more at ease in a pair of distressed jeans with a loose t-shirt. Her style is effortlessly cool. Lyla is a statement maker. She likes to be noticed the minute she steps out into the world. Bright red lips are a must. Lyla is the type of girl who would Instagram her fashion choices daily.

9. What was the hardest part about writing Into the Dark? Why?

The most difficult aspect of writing Into the Dark was letting go of what I’d originally intended to write. I had a seven book series planned that would span the week that Mercy had to make her big decision. But the concept was detrimental to the project. I was withholding information and trying to be secretive, which killed the story. It was important to let it go, to jump right into the action and let the story unfold organically. I made peace with the idea that it might be a stand-alone. Turns out it’s a two book series.

10. Because I freaking love sweet treats, What’s your favorite sweet treat?

I am a walking candy counter. I have cycles where I can’t get enough of one specific treat. Right now it’s Red Vines. I’m eating them by the barrel.

I feel you I have candy everywhere, and thanks for you guys that tuned in for the interview because it means a lot to me and the author Caroline Patti, and I hope you check the book out, I heard from a little birdie that the book is absolutely great:)! But about books, you guys can purchase or enter a giveaway to win a book down below in the links and up there in my intro. So look there and have a good day!





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