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Strange Country Day: A guest post by Charles Curtis

Hi guys,

It’s me Setierah here with another post for a book called Strange Country Day. This post was really made because I was honestly so curious of the background of the name Strange Country Day, and I thought that you guys must be too, so me and the author came together and answered the big question of a lifetime. So keep reading to see his excellent answer on why he picked the name for this wonderful book.

Why did you choose the name ‘Strange Country Day’?

When I sat down to write “Strange Country Day,” I knew I needed the perfect name for the school my characters would attend. I had the names of other fictional schools as inspiration: Wayside School (courtesy of Louis Sachar), the infamous Crunchem Hall from “Matilda”, Harry Potter’s Hogwarts and Hailsham of “Never Let Me Go” fame.

“SCD” is the middle grade story of a group of seventh graders who discover they have special abilities without knowing how they got them. The protagonist, Alexander Graham Ptuiac, and his pal Dex Harrison, use those powers to join their junior high school football team. You might be able to tell that I like weird, wacky character names, and the same goes for other monikers. I wanted the school’s name to invoke something otherworldly was going on, so it popped into my head while writing the first chapter: Welcome to Vance M. Strange Country Day School.

I drew inspiration from my own experience attending Riverdale Country School in the Bronx, which many people referred to as “Riverdale Country Day.” I always felt there were some untold, underground stories from the past given its rich history and I remembered hoping I’d find a secret passageway through a trap door in the back of the library (nope!). But I carried over that feel and the idea there were decades of tradition passed on through each generation.

I didn’t realize right away that “Strange Country Day” was a great title – my working name for the book was“The Outcasts,” a superhero group like the X-Men (my all-time favorite comic book). Instead, I was advised to focus on a high school filled with some, well, strange stuff going on. I knew that was the right decision while in attendance at this year’s BookCon in New York City. While signing the first copies of my novel, the cover caught the eye of a woman walking by with her two daughters. She pointed to it and said, “Oh, like Rye CountryDay,” referring to the suburban New York private school they attended. Success! Here’s to hoping other readers give the book and its title a passing grade.

Well I absolutely think that the book has a suitable name, which absolutely creates so many questions in my mind about the book. Good job for creating a name that will cause many different questions that will cause perplexed reactions. Because this honestly makes me want to read this book for more information, which I hope you guys feel the need to read the book because honestly the struggle is real! A big thanks to Charles Curtis and Tantrum /Month 9 books, as well as chapter by chapter for allowing me this great experience.

I really hope you guys check out the book and even read it because to me the cover is A1 (just look below) while the name is super intriguing. If you want to buy the book or check it out, I’ll leave all the links below and you’ll even be able to click the image for more deats. Have lovely days everyone and I’ll talk to you in my next post.

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