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Big Announcement

Hi Guys,

It is I Setierah, and well I have an announcement that due to the holidays I will not be blogging anymore. I made this decision because I’m tired of not getting as many views as others, sooooooo…….. I’m going to stop. Lol I’m literally just kidding and I’ll be  blogging for 12 days straight and I will even do a giveaway for you guys. But things will be different, I won’t be just talking about books, I’ll have a chance to allow you guys into my life for 12 days. These 12 days will probably consist of me either at school, work, or at home. So basically, how I want this to work is I’ll be taking pictures and basically posting them on my blog with my little speil (made a new word, like what I did there) of what I did. But I also am going to be putting a big amount of things on Snapchat, so if you guys want to see my life then you should really join me on snap. Anything further just come to my blog for that much. But that is it my dears, and I am going to keep this short and sweet and will see you on Sunday to start my blogmas off.

Au Revoir,

Setierah (a.k.a ms.slayerofya)




I'm setierah and I LOVEEEE blogging about books, its my life.

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