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Review: Alice by Christina Henry

Hey guys,

So today I’m reviewing the book Alice by Christina Henry, and I’m happy to say that this is the first book that I have read in the New Year so yay to me! But also, this trippy ride is the thing that broke my reading slump so a big thanks to Ms.Christina Henry. So let me get to the gooey insides, beware some of you might freak and others might be right at home.

Warning: If bothered by sexual violence and rape then please do not read this book because most of the story is based around this topic and becomes even darker than you could imagine. 

In a world where two cities have separated into the new and old, evil prevails and good suffers in the shadows. The Old city is where it all began for Alice, it was a place where she was deeply changed. It all started with this tea party, a gruesome tea party to celebrate her best friend’s birthday. Now she’s trapped in a four wall cell, with no understanding of how, when or what, but she remembers three things: there was a tea party, blood, and rabbit ears. The storyline was very well done, I mean it had me on my toes every chapter wondering what the hell was going on, lol.

Lol I was like whaaaaat!

But really, this book did make me wonder but in a good way, like the way you wonder what’s going to happen to the main character of your favorite show (isn’t this what you wanted Olivia, lol a pat on the back if you know where the character comes from). But the plot was a twisty trip through the dark alleys of the old city, where the characters quest to find out what a tea party, blood, and ears equals.

The plot was absolutely crazy and unique and the characters turned out to be just as great. Alice, the first main character was full of surprises, I mean her character evolved in every two chapters. It was great to see the character change into something stronger instead of weaker. Overall, Alice was a strong woman that I admired even though she had her low points, she basically was a real life human being. Hatcher was my favorite character because he was so predictable but kept his predictability fun and interesting. I mean at some parts you just knew he was going to do something that put them both in danger, but you would either laugh at it or you would just shake your head and say “That’s hatcher for you”.


But all and all it was a pleasure to see him in his crazy and insane ways because he truthfully made me laugh. Throughout the journey, these two are dependent on each other for many different reasons, but one being that they were both crazy and mad. It was really cute to see them as a couple because they were both perfectly made for each other.

To conclude, this book is absolutely breathtaking in its darkness and leaves a lasting effect of wanting more. This book is definitely worth a read, but just to give another warning just be careful because the topics can be a bit dark and is overwhelming. Awesome book, I mean I loved it and can’t wait to get my hands on the next book.







I'm setierah and I LOVEEEE blogging about books, its my life.

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