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#If one word…

If one word could describe me for this past part of a year, I would say lazy. Lazy is the one word describing me in the name of this blog, and is the one word condemning my very existence. So no more excuses, no tears, and no fighting, I am officially saying I’m back, and for awhile I hope.

Anyways, I am back with new stories to tell, and new blog posts to come. And as you can see here’s the first one, If one word. Basically how this post will work is I come back every week with a word that could describe my life, and basically use that word as an entry way into blabbing about my week. I will use a variety of different words as a way to not only increase my vocabulary but to keep this interesting, and to keep me sane (if you guys only knew lol).Warning, if you think these posts are going to be short, they’re not, they’re going to be reminiscent of how my week was LONG and AGONIZING lol. So today marks the first “episode per say”, with the word being, drum roll please… Sticky!

A weird way to start this off I know, but come on, no one can say that their week hasn’t been sticky in any type of way lol (you get my drift ;p). I’m only kidding, but seriously my week has been all types of sticky, I mean I’ve literally had two presentations back to back, and one 18 paged group essay, all in one week, and we’re not even talking social life, but oh wait… I think the “social life” just left the building but anyways. Life this week has just been really fucking sticky.

Let me begin, it all started with all the deadlines approaching like lions attacking for their next meal and me being like the scared zebra running for it’s life with all it’s might. It was truly horrifying. And guys this was all on a MONDAY, so I mean by Wednesday I was just praying to live to see finals. But to get back, Monday was hell like every week, I went to a class that has a teacher so fucked up in the mind that even I thought she was a reject from nerdyville, and I’m nice. Lol I have my days, but she’s stuck in high school living the life a unpopular, socially awkward girl (not being mean or rude, just ranting) and because of this she picks favorites and likes the guys but hates on girls. And sometimes she’s just so desperate to make a connection that she’ll lie about anything. Like I just hate this class, and can’t wait for it to be over.

Then Tuesday came, and well lets just say that my heart has been broken into 8 little pieces. If you are unaware, which all of you are lol, then you don’t know that I’ve broken up with my long time, off and on boyfriend of 5 years probably for the last time. I’m not going to go into details, but lets just say after Superbowl my heart did more leaps than lady gaga. But Tuesday didn’t hurt until I realized I lost the one person that was like food to me, neccessary and valuable. It took Instagram posts of happy couples to knock me down, and I don’t even know if  I’ve gotten up yet. To make that worse, I pulled an all niter working and writing and waiting for a miracle of 18 pages that contain my soul and 5 other girls included. It was a nightmare.


Wednesday, a trip to hell with a presentation. Overall the presentation was good, but I noticed that my classmates literally did not give two shits about what we were saying, I mean the disengagement was like a stake to my heart. Like I honestly felt like I was being dragged through the streets to be shamed for  cheating on a test or something, like that’s how intense their stares were, when they came back from spacing out from all over the room. It was like away, stab, away, stab. And just to say, group projects are the worst things you will ever encounter in college, enough said. This day also features another night of staying up until dawn, while binge watching forensic files and catfish.

Thursday, can we just skip it like it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good on my side of the bargain. Like I literally started my presentation for speech class, and well it was due today, and the whole time I was literally just watching forensic files (killing myself slowly with paranoia, it should be called). But good news, I did finish my project,and made it to class at 7:30 p.m., only missing 1 hour and 30 minutes, don’t ask why lol. But yeah, and it ends with me laying in my bed at 12:30 writing this blog post and trying to not wake up my roommates (so hard). WTF, did I just perform inception, how did that happen lol, jk.


But in the end, there’s 2 conclusions to be made, 1. Friday has not happened yet (even though this is up on Friday lol, Inception I tell yah) and 2. life this week was definitely sticky, I mean the shit going on is literally like glue to my body, it follows me everywhere I go. So anyways, I’m going to end this here and I hoped you liked this post, I mean it was something that just came to me, putting two things together I love, ranting and writing. Think of this like my diary, except for you all to read and experience with me.

Love you guys,





I'm setierah and I LOVEEEE blogging about books, its my life.

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