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The Twins Daughter review

So hi guys it’s setierah here and I have a book for you that will make you think and wonder whose who. This book and me have had it’s ups and downs because I just hated the twin that was doing damage to the family tearing them apart but you won’t know who doing it so good luck.

So into the characters we dive. First there is Lucy who is the daughter of the mother, who not only is schooled at home but is spoiled with love and money from her parents. She is the only child and her personality is well happy at first but it changes during the book due to events that happen from the start of Helen Smythe knocking on the door. Who is Helen Smythe you ask? Well she is the “Long Lost Sister” of Aliese the mother of Lucy. She looks just like her and well after a few lessons with Lucy on manners and learning, she soon “becomes” Aliese. Then there is the father who has helped give Helen the chance to learn how to become his wife or to at least act like it. He is a writer who is basically in love with his stories and office and lets not forget his wife. The there is Kit the new neighbor that soon becomes Lucy’s new friend. They become close and they have “secret meetings” in tunnels below the house. But they don’t stop at friends they move on as more and want more. Even though this is a mystery, who says you can’t have a romance brew and grow. Other characters are present in the story but don’t really have an effect on this story if they weren’t involved. But the real question who is Helen Smythe besides a jealous, “Long Lost” sister, who wants a family.

Next, is the plot which (in my opinion) made the story intriguingly interesting and a thrill-riding adventure. The story starts off as an unknowing family not knowing anything about mom’s identical twin. Then BOOM! There’s a knock on the door from a familiar face in mugged, trashed and tarnished clothing. Lucy (the narrator) at first is confused but as the story moves on she gains trust and loves this odd but beautiful lady known as her aunt. Then the years move on and the climax grows closer and BAM! The two are tied up and one is dead or dying and the other is in a state of trauma. But wait is it a coincadence that Helen had learned to be elegant and graceful around that time? I thought I had the answer figured out, but as I read more and more I found that i just kept getting colder and colder. After that i thought the book would be ending soon but don’t think that the deception ends. The question still remains Who died and who is alive? I had a hard time ’til the end trying to figure it out but i never did? But maybe you will. It will keep you guessing until the end…

Overall this book was a thrill-riding piece of work that will make you lose lots of sleep and keep you awake at night. When you pick this book up make sure your up to not ever finding out who died and who lived. I give this book 4.5 stars, so enjoy.


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