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AfterWorld’s Review

Hello my friends,

So I know many of you have, hopefully, been patiently awaiting my review of Afterworlds, once again I said hopefully. But anyways, I’m so excited to even talk about my experience with the book because it was absolutely amazing. My experience was eye opening towards a world of Scott Westerfield’s masterpieces, and while a little skeptical I went all the way. Not that way, but I legit completed the whole 600 pages. So here’s my inside scoop of Scott Westerfield’s Afterworlds.

First of all, let me just acknowledge the riveting characters in this book. Like the characters made the world even realer, to me at least (let’s not mention other reviews). Lizzie, to me, was the girl I would dream to be because she had my dream qualities of being a protective friend while succeeding and actually growing as a person. As a character, I never got bored with her and never thought her to be the same as any other female lead. However, Darcy was maybe the most predictable character out of every one. Maybe it was because of her reality towards the world but I sort of could tell what she was and wasn’t going to do. This does not mean, by any means, that I didn’t like her. I liked her just a little less as female lead versus Lizzie. The other characters were great and mysterious and should be left mysteries upon mysteries for you to unravel.

The plot, could very well be a story without characters. It was so well developed and full of twists and turns that yes it could stand alone. But the characters do add a depth to the environment that was needed. I enjoyed the plot very much because it offered a uniqueness that many plots don’t offer. It was fun, funny and mysterious, which definitely caught my eye. But I shall leave out details that may spoil anything. Believe me you’ll absolutely thank me for not telling you what the story is about.

So I can only hope that you guys thought my review helpful and interesting because, I honestly enjoyed reading over to myself many times. But that’s all the information I can offer and hope you guys have a lovely day.


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