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Part Two: My All Time Fave Stand Alone’s

Hi guys,

So if you read my post last Wednesday you would know that today is going to be dedicated to my favorite stand alone’s and lets just say that I’m very excited. But before you read this one check out part one here or read it later, your choice guys. But anyways here’s the next part and I hope you enjoy and remember I’m going from 7 to 1 from the best to my all time faves, so yeah here’s the post.

wewereliars7. We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

We Were Liars was a book that completely made me think and wonder while devouring words, it was literally that good. This book had me going from the very beginning and had the best ending, and if you haven’t heard about it here’s my review, and it was just so surprising. I can’t give out any details due to the people who haven’t read the book yet so yeah. But the book was and is absolutely great, definitely read it. You won’t expect the ending!

6. Parallel by Lauren Millerparallel

Two different universes, and that’s how  you get me on a silver platter you know. Like I don’t know what it was but the different parallel universes definitely was very appealing to me. But this book was just a mix of everything from the sciency things to the romantic decisions, it was just the imaginary tale of my life that I really want because its great. The characters also made this a joy to read because they were just the right amount of different and indecisive parts I want. So anyways I loved this book and well you know I had to put it in my faves but also check out the review I did on it.

afterworlds5. Afterworlds by Scott Westerfield

This book was absolutely intriguing, and had me in a trance, like this book was real and when I mean real, I mean real. But what do I mean, I mean that this book brought different elements and used like magic and wah-lah it was the best in seconds. But I also love the book because of the characters, and how the characters personality was formulated as the pages went on and to be exact, the grey pages were my ultimate fave for the character development. The best part also seemed to be the slight romances in both of the stories, like they were both good and made me want more, but here’s my actual, non-rambled thoughts .

4. The Distance Between Us by Kasie West distancebetweenus

OMG this book was so amazing like I when I say amazing I mean that it was everything that I wanted in this masterpiece. Like the romance was intense and had me going from the very beginning and just made me want to live in between this couple, or soon-to-be couple. I also loved this book because it had a very down to the earth tone and plot and just really made me want to keep reading when nothing was left. Basically this book was everything and not enough at the same time. I just want to say a big thanks to Kasie West for her ability to write romance, just saying (here’s the review.)

AandRdetour3. Amy and Roger Epic Detour by Morgan Matson

All I can say is YES, YES, YES! This book was like all that and a bag of potato chips and definitely spotted attention and never let go. I loved the romance, but hated how long it took for a couple to come together, I also loved both of the characters and their cute ways and I think I feel in love with the male figure, but like that always happens soo you know. But what was also cool is that they went across all of the united states (I think?), and both of the characters developed together and made a consistent change. So it really was a book that I devoured quickly and haven’t forgotten about it yet! Definitely add it to your reading list, you won’t be disappointed!

2. Stolen:Letter to my captor by Lucy Christopher Stolen,_Lucy_Christopher_novel

Guys, I think I’m getting emotional again like I definitely went through something in this book, and it was too serious. This story of a girl being taken and going with this guy was so heartbreaking and it just messed with me for a bit, and I think it was because of the relationship, and how this guy wanted nothing but to help her and yet she denied and never took his help, even though she was right,  it just showed a sight that I wasn’t ready to know about. This book was literally so good that it made me cry and beg god to just change the ending, which never happened but you know I could wish. It was just so hard, yet so easy to read which just made it a horrible experience because these two were perfect, and I just want to cry again.

thefaultinourstars1.The Fault In Our Stars by John Green 

This one book did a number to me, like if you thought I was emotional over stolen, you have another thing coming. This book, with its characters and plot line was just so majestic and touching that I was in tears when I was done. Everything put together is the reason that it is number on on my list, because of its heartbreaking end and heartwarming beginning, you really never get enough of those two and you never want it to end because the author does such a good job into weaving two people together that are ABSOLUTLEY perfect. It really does make you feel something deep and really hits a heart string and never comes from your memory, ever. So read it, watch it, and bring your box of tissues and you’ll never feel like this again.

So thanks for reading guys, join me for the last part next week (part 3) to find the final book out of all of them, which is my overall favorite. Leave a comment below telling me which is your fave and make sure next week when you come be prepared for something, which will be very special, so tune in. Alright guys, have a good day and i’ll see you Friday 🙂



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Part I: My All Time Favorite Series

Hayy guys,

It is I Setierah, and today I have a post that is all about my favorite series but never fear after today I will be doing two more parts commemorating my favorite stand alone books, and then lastly I’ll pick a favorite out of all of them, so stayed tune for that. Let me know if you guys love any of the series as well, and well tell me in the comments to start a conversation between me and you. But without further ado, let’s get into the list of series that are my fave (in order going down from six to one good to all time fave).

Twilightbook7. Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer

So guys I had to put this series on here because this is the book that started it all, it began my obsession and well has began the fight between were wolves and vampires and team Jacob (ME!!) and team Edward. It was MVP from the beginning and deserves the placement on my list, so congrats for making it to the big leagues Twilight!

6. Bad Girls Don’t Die series by Katie Alender


Umm this book is the one that gave me chills at night when I was going to sleep, it was the one that made me scuttle under my sheets, it terrified me. But I loved it and the whole series, like it had going on from the beginning all the way till the end and even from there I still wanted more. This book has honestly turned me onto the thrillers more and more, making me a buff of horror (even though I was already into the horror); I really think it taught me the difference between cheap thrills and long lasting fears. So it’s really good, and I think you guys should check this book out, because ultimately if your like me you’ll actually loves it!

Hush,hush5. Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

This book let me tell you, is just really good because of the romance, the science fiction basis and the just really good characters, which drew me in from the beginning and made me feel apart of the story. This series was apart of my addiction to books about fallen angels because I just thought they were interesting and they made my day because I always wanted to date them lol. But let’s be serious, I knew I could never date one but this just kept the dream alive and made me happy. One thing to add, beware of the major emotions that will be felt because there will be a lot of what I call Bella and Edward drama: new moon edition, so if you were a fan of that, which I don’t know who was, get reading there’s because there’s two or three books after this.

4. The Unbecoming Of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkinmaradyer

LOVEEEE this book, like this is life and any of you who don’t know about this book or don’t like it, I can tell you that we’re going to have to have a duel. Lol, for real though. Like this book was just amazing from the start and had me going at every twist that she was going to make, especially in every book. But like honest, in book three literally I was a page turning vampire sucking all of the words I could get off each page, like that’s how good her books are. And can we just take a second to acknowledge Noah and Mara, like they were goals AF and I wish I could find a guy like that. Case and Point.

fallen3. Fallen by Lauren Kate

Ooooh I have so much to say about this one, and let me just begin by saying DAAMN DANIEL, like that’s how explosive this book can get and trust me this book had me in shambles like it’s not right to do this to me. And that same kind of yo-yoing was happening all the way to the end like no. But I was in my trance because of the delicious characters and the plot with all of those fallen angels and the greatest back story ever, like this was the book that started my obsession from the beginning. I just… have no more words. Just read it, and you’ll see.

2. The Selection by Kiera Cassselection

This series was so good, like I couldn’t get enough of it. It was like a reality T.V. show that fulfilled my secret desire but that was so much more different. It was like all No I don’t want to leave, then Oh fine I’ll go to F**k this mess to OMG he’s so cool, and it all progressed to the last book, well not last but before the generational change, and it all was just a satisfying mess (also the little thoughts were from the main character, just to be clear lol). This book also had its ups and downs to the point that I wanted to either smack or punch somebody, you know who I’m talking about if you read the last book in the last pages. It just gave me problems, which made it so much better, like the character and the mess put together was like heaven and I must admit I was in heaven while reading this.

lux1.Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout 

This… Was My Life at 1:30 A.M and still is. The greatest series to me and, lets just say the best characters I’ve ever seen, well almost but like really close. This series had everything, it had the romance, the action, the love triangle, the ups and downs, and especially an epic love, and lets just say the hottest guy ever read about. It IS LIFE. So guys get the book and start living because It’s that good, I swear.


So I hope you guys enjoyed this, and come back next Wednesday to see my favorite stand alone books, because you might see something you want to read. And guys I don’t duel it was just a joke I had to tell because it’s so funny lol not. But anyways enjoy your Wednesday morning and have  a good day my lovelies!



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Review: We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

Hi guys,

So what’s up with you guys since I last talked to you guys, school, living, mysterious reading of a book or reading a mysterious book. Whether or not you had anything change, or have read a mysterious book I have something that may change your life. This book is called We Were Liars by E. Lockhart, and let me tell you something this book is unrealistically thrilling. But because of the amount of secrets and deception, I have to keep the scene secretive and deceptive, which means I can’t really tell you about the book. #sadness.

So I will tell you guys that this book had me so freaking emotional, like i swear this book will just push you to the edge and leave you there for the rest of the book. Basically, you’ll be an emotional wreck begging the author to just let you off the carousel but it won’t. Even after reading the book you’ll never forget the book, like never. But throughout the ride of the book you’ll enjoy it. Hopefully your reaction won’t be as bad as mine was, because I was using bad language, while crying and well it was serious. But overall, I give the book four stars out of 5.

But before I go, I need you guys to please promise that you guys aren’t going to research the spoilers and try and know the plot before you actually read it. But, I already know some of you are going to try and look things up about the book so here if you look below there’s a summary and review about it.

Goodread’s  Synopsis

A beautiful and distinguished family.
A private island.
A brilliant, damaged girl; a passionate, political boy.
A group of four friends—the Liars—whose friendship turns destructive.
A revolution. An accident. A secret.
Lies upon lies.
True love.

The truth.

So yeah there you go.



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Review: The Distance Between Us

Hey guys,
Long time me no see lol, but guess what I have a grand review of this book that I absolutely fell in love with. Distance Between us, and it’s an absolute amazing book. I’m sorry I haven’t been here at all for you guys but I’ve been busy setting new things up and just a lot of things that required multi-tasking. But besides my complaining, let’s get into this review.

Worlds apart, yet so close. A love so unimagined that it was unclear to Caymen. But Xander could see it from a mile away. This love was messed with rumors, lies, hatred, opinions but was stronger than ever with a unexplained bond between the two. What made this love so special was the way it was constant and never changed. But with Caymen, problems were always expected and never stopped.

Characters, Characters, what could I say about these characters. Well, Caymen was a very stubborn character that never really believed Xander when he said he wanted to be with her and well none the less she’s like me with holding back. But she’s mostly this way because of how her moms opinions inflicted on her, but besides stubborn, she’s fun,sarcastic,funny and very smart girl. Xander, is the PERFECT MAN, he’s understanding, funny, and can be controlling but in a good way. He’s like the matching puzzle piece to Caymen’s puzzle piece. Caymen’s mother, who I must say is a very opinionated mother who is dead against rich men. Her mother was just very annoying at times with her opinions but was a sort of great mother. Skye, she’s the girl that evey girl needs as a best friend because she supported Caymen and just always was there for her and never left her side. She was spazzy, fun, daring kind of friend that made everything better for Caymen. Mason, the guy Skye set Caymen up with, was the lead singer of a band and he was very umm weird. He was the type of guy that was a cool going guy who was a womanizer.

So the storyline of this book is like amazing, I love the romance and comedy. I mean it all just kind of came together and never broke apart. So back to the actual storyline, the book started as a regular day when Xander and Caymen meet in Caymen’s mothers doll shop. And instantly there is this kind of connection between them but Caymen denies every bit of it and tries to go on with her life but is constantly disturbed with his presence. Xander, was a never ending ray of sunshine, lol no but he kept fight for her but against his dad. A lot of conflict happened in the book but the best part was how most of  the characters worked together to improved the problems. The book was like a magical imaging put together.

So to conclude this book was amazing and it definitely made me miss every minute of not reading the book. I give this book a 5 star rating and a definite spot on my favorites list. I definitely think you guys should check this funny romance out, I mean you’ll be like a person that laughs and everybody’s like what are you laughing about. Lol but let me stop before you leave me, but like anyways check this book out and check my giveaway out in my last post or on the sidebar. So I love you guys and have a great day.




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Review: Carnival by K.B. Nelson

The carnival is in town and charlie is finally home. The fresh smell of bunt cakes, the cries of children not winning at the rigged carnival games and the most terrifying rides make charlie happy. But when she meets the guy of her dreams, her plans change and spiral in an opposite direction. While spiraling she learns to let loose and let go in order to live life. Carnival is a book that reminds that living is only possible if you let go and let it happen.

The characters in Carnival are lively, real and a great representation of life when you don’t know what to do after living a constructive life. Charlie is a great girl, with a plan to go to college with her best-friend. She is a smart, funny, thoughtful girl who evolves into a storm of spontaneous. To make her any better, Blue is the guy that gives Charlie a reason to be spontaneously fun. Blue himself is a spontaneous question mark because of the way he moves around without anyone noticing; besides the side that keeps silent, he is thoughtful, cool,sexy guy who knows how to live. Summer, who is Charlie’s best-friend, is a free-living spirit with a desire to got to school. She is a great inspiration for charlie to take risks while till being safe in life; Summer is a very important part of Charlie, they’re like each other’s half. Dylan is a different kind of person because of how he’s acted about certain things, I feel like he was the drama queen of the whole book. There were so many characters in their clique that writing about them all would keep you here for hours.

Basically the book was mostly about figuring out life to the best of your ability while having fun, and I mean felt this theme was dominant in the story. The theme was consistent throughout the whole story making it really fun to read the book. But not to give anything away from the plot, theres romance of Blue and Charlie, action of family problems and drama of where togo in life. This book deserves a lot of praise because of everything fitting in and working well together. I rate this book a 5 but with a warning that 17+ only read this book, because of the content in it. Besides my warning, this book is amazing and you guys should definitely purchase this book. So thanks for reading this book review and I had a pleasure reading this book and I think you guys would too. So I love you guys and have a great day.


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Prom Impossible Book Review

Prom, a disaster waiting to happen. No boyfriend, blamed for something that wasn’t her idea and stricken by the idea that her love doesn’t love her. Things aren’t going well and to make it any worse she’s sent away to camp for a month missing the summer that everything could change. Maybe it’s possible that the worse things can turn into the best thing. A thrilling adventure, unmasking some of the problems with high school. A great book that just made life better for me.

Laura Paulings characters are just amazing, real and have great development that compliments the plot. The main character, Cassidy, was the best female character I have read about the whole year. I mean her character development was the greatest in realizing many things and she was real and easy to grasp the jist of her. Zeke, the hotness and compassionate guy, he was the best kind of guy because no matter what he was always there for Cassidy and shown a care for her since day one. Jasper, who was the craziest guy ever in the whole entire book, showed no care at any of the time for Cassidy only just to get essays (talk about a relationship with benefits). He absolutely disgusted me and definitely made me hate guys like him so much more. Micheal, who was the nerd who was oblivious to any facts of love, he absolutely pissed me off with not knowing how Cassidy felt about him. I mean it was made pretty clear that she liked him but he didn’t read the signals. Lastly, even though there are more characters these are the most important, Julia. She was Cassidy’s best friend and the most predictable girl or like the girl in the school who is the most popular but who is nice is her. All of the characters were fun and enjoyable to read about.

So the story was basically about a girl who takes the heat ,for her best friend Julia (aka her cousin), for a stupid prank and gets her life turned up by being sent to a juvenile delinquent recovery program. While being sent away, she’s met the most boyishly cute guy with an exception, he’s a delinquent. Well maybe not, but as senior year approaches new lines become crossed, trust becomes scarce and love, well it comes in threes. This book was amazing and had a built in fun experiences, guaranteeing a fun, happy day for any reader. I enjoyed this book and came to find out that I absolutely love YA contemporaries. So I give this book a 5 and I definitely recommend it to hopeless romantics like me.

Love you guys,

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The Camelia Resistance (Book One) By A.R. Williams



Willow Carlye, an upstanding citizen who works for the Ministry (the government of the New Republic) making policies for the well-being of others. While taking a business trip, she goes against the policies made by her and lives life for herself one time. For her mistakes she is rewarded with losing her job for living her life. When isolation starts to get unbearable, she gets contacted by a Camelia member and is told about what’s going on. As soon as she finds out what it actually feels like to live she’s addicted to the adventure. But as her adventure is starting, she goes through a web of lies just to find the truth.

Willow Carlyle was an isolated person who made policies that restricted every aspect of anybody’s life. She evolves to this woman who wanted an adventure to find out the list of lies she’s been told to act like an upstanding citizen. She definitely becomes the strong female lead, and loses her feeling as an isolated human being. Warren Lake or Minister Lake is the head of the government and has a history regrets. While being the liar of the characters he is a man who wants the best for his family or loves but finds a bad way to do things instead of being the guy to live with being a white hat hero. Warren isn’t necessarily the villain but in many ways he portrays himself as a villain. Ven is a beautiful guy who is on two sides of the coin instead of one and is a guy that keeps to himself but interacts with strangers in different ways. He is a confusing character to understand but he turns out to be an easy character to understand because he’s like a regular guy always wanting things he can’t have. Ianthe is a very intense character because of all of the things she’s been through but she is a nice person and can be very funny. This character grabbed attention as soon as she waltzed into the story, it was fun to read about a girl who actually feels real with a struggle.

So I really enjoyed reading this book to the point I was begging the book to make new pages for me to read. I enjoyed this book because of the great character development shown as well as the humor that the book had exhibited. This book definitely was for me because as soon as I read about it I had to read it and share it with you guys. Like the book totally drew me in like a moth to a light, it was like fate pushing us together. Ok, let’s not go to far with me and this book being fated for each other but because of the book I thought I could get away with it. Anyways on with the rating, drum roll please, dum dum dum dum the book receives a 5 star rating and a I DEFINITELY recommend everybody over 15 read this book. Before I go I have one last thing to say…… The book is amazing and you guys should read it and those people hoping for spoilers there aren’t any here so get the book and get reading. So I hope you enjoyed the book review and come back for more, bye loves.


P.S. This is a trilogy series, so I’m so excited for the second books and hope you guys are just as psyched as I am. 🙂

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Stolen: A letter to My Captor

Gemma had a perfect life before going to the airport with her parents,

"A Heart-Breaking story, that captures the heart and never lets go."
“A Heart-Breaking story, that captures the heart and never lets go.”

from going to get coffee across the boarding area her life changed into being the missing girl from England. A mysterious guy named Ty, finds the girl from his dreams and steals her from her world throwing her into his world full of silence, heat and empty, barren lands. This book was a struggle, what I mean by a struggle was I mentally died, and it was a completely different and such an original book from what I’ve ever read before. It was a rollercoaster of immediate feelings of love, hurt, hatred, with so many other feelings that I currently can’t name. Lucy Christopher, a master mind of words, created the most interesting captor matching with a strong female lead. Stolen is full of pointless escape attempts, enjoyable banters and heart-breaking moments.
The two main characters in this novel have played a huge role in creating a real life heart-breaking story about a girl being kidnapped and trapped in a place with no escape from an emotionally unstable captor. Ty, who was the captor, had a rich history of being hurt, misused, and neglected. All of these experiences have made Ty a lonely, detrimental time bomb, who loves easily while getting hurt all of the time. He’s such a sweetie to Gemma, by helping her, feeding her while trying his best to please her. But while Ty is a good kind person, he made an awful mistake of taking someone against their will and a moral mistake of trying to make someone love him back. While Ty was the captor, Gemma was the victim, and was mostly an interesting character. At some point in the book I felt that she became depressed and lonely and basically lost her fight in her and succumbed into being trapped. I loved the character especially when she started seeing that Ty only loved her and started to return his love back. Maybe its messed up for me to say this but I felt these two characters were meant for each other.

“What you did to me wasn’t this brilliant thing, like you think it was. You took me away from everything- my parents, my friends, my life. You took me to the sand and the heat, the dirt and isolation. And you expected me to love you.” This quote basically explains the whole book of him hoping and praying that someday she would be okay from being in isolation away from society. He did sort of have a good plan but the one thing wrong was he took something that wasn’t for him to take. The truth was that, he was wrong to take her to Australia and to expect her to love him.

This book was the hardest and most amazing book I’ve read in a while and it made me cry and wish that everything was different for her and him. It was super hard to get through with not crying for them and an unemotional person would probably be the only one person that wouldn’t cry. I give this book a 5 star rating because this story was original, beautiful and was full of a passionate, heart-breaking romance. I totally recommend this book to everyone to read because once you do read it, you won’t be able to stop reading the book while not being able to not cry. So this book was amazing and Lucy Christopher has made me into an emotional sap over this book. So, I love you guys and wish you the best for reading any book you desire.

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The Grind by Stavro Yianni

"A horrolicious book that will scare you right into your mothers arms."
“A horrolicious book that will scare you right into your mothers arms.”


So guys I know that i usually don’t start of my reviews like this but this is a different kind of a story that needs to be taken a different way.But as this is a different type of book full of short stories, Im not gonna do a character analysis but I will be doing a few analysis of a few short stories. So enjoy the review of this fascinating novel provided.

The fear, the horror of being stalked by zombies that are hungry for food or by being farmed by a farmer. All these scenarios just mentioned are like my worst nightmare that I have ever had since i’ve read this book and let me tell you the book will take you for a ride and never let you go until the last punctuation mark. Chases and scares of a world you don’t even know will come and haunt your life for a long time to come, my friend. This is truly the most chilling compilation of stories I have ever read. As my advice, I would say that you will not sleep for days, so be prepared for sleepless night of horrors.

Connoisseurs De Carnagè
This story was the scariest for me, because it combined the horror of serial killers and a passion for art. I think this is the SCARIEST story I have ever read like in ages. My reasoning, people killed people just to get ahead and create masterpieces. Mainly people killed others to also gain fame but also to gain rank in superiority. Even though this story was chilling it was one of my favorites from this book.

Ahh this story was terribly weird yet kind of played with my subconscious. The scariest part is the main character having conversations with the green man or his minions. Especially the way in his dream it felt so real especially on the day to find his job. This story could really happen in reality because of the guy hallucinating and listening to voices, basically schizophrenia but with a great twist. I think I loved the part the little boy played in the story and how it just manipulated the feel of the story.

Farmed Out
Lastly, this short story was very cool yet chilling to the bone. It provided the weirdness of a farmer farming people, and that just made me freak out because of the farmers personality. But besides the farmers personality, the whole story was freaky itself because of what was happening. But I really loved this storyline because out of all of the short stories this one had a happy ending which just made the whole book so much better.

Anyways guys, thanks for reading this review and I give the whole book a 5 star rating because it gave me all the scares I wanted as well as a great stories that shined throughout the horror. So this book was a great read and kept me entertained throughout the whole book. I really hope you guys enjoy this masterpiece of horror and defin


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Gideon’s Angel Review

By Clifford Beal
384 pages
Published by Solaris

Colonel Richard Treadwill, exiled from England, knighted for the French army and loved by a beautiful lady. After seven years of being exiled to France, a dangerous plan comes about to conspire against England and then Richard is left with a decision to make ; to either go and leave everything he has built his life on or to stay and be used as a puppet for secret dark things. Which ever choice he comes to make there is a price to pay. Choices and choices they seem very different but they are not different at all. You see, both include a dark world of where the devil wants to take the world, things like dark dogs, angel or demons exist and where black magic is not just used by witches ( I wouldn’t be surprised to see some in this story, just stay positive). In the year 1635, two plots remain and they are to kill of Cromwell and to let the devil take the throne. Can Richard Treadwell stop both of these plots while staying alive and under the radar?

Characters, ahh where shall I begin, how about Colonel Richard Treadwell. He was a very ambitious character that was always on the run trying to get away from evil but attracting it more and more the further he ran away with it. A side note ladies, he is a lady magnet who attracts many turns of heads (on a good day at least). Then comes Billy Chard, who just like Richard was apart of the English army, who is apart of a group who believes that there is no evil in the world that there is only good. But get this, his whole persona shows him as a bad guy who steals money from tourists and who curses like a sailor until the sailor is drowning. Billy is actually my favorite character because he’s loyal, understanding and a pretty interesting guy. Gideon Fludd, I can say that he is an army leader who enlists the help of a Demon (he doesn’t know that). He is a false believer in the angel or demon of performing a duty against parliament. Then comes Richards brother Thomas Treadwill, who is well in my words a worry wart but I can’t blame him. He was like the protector of many people who his brother had to leave and I mean overall he was a man of honor. Marguerite, who is Richards lover is a very smert charming lady who can charm her way out of anything. Many look at her like the one who is to be forced to do things but she has quite a backbone that well was was unbeatable. D’artagon is a french soildier who sticks to his orders no matter what. I mean if you ask me I can see him in cartoons being the one to strap down the lady to the traintracks. Ashmole, even though introduced in the middle of the book, he showed knowledge that no one had of the devil or demons. He was an astronomer, who took pride in his work and having contacts to futher his work. I believe he has no bone in his body that won’t question his work on this “other world”.Cromwell, who is the leader if England and the one being targeted. He is not very mentioned to give you big facts about him but I can say that he semms like a foolish but caring soul. Lastly Anya, she is Richards wife, (there’s a long story why they are not together but you will find out in the story yourself it’s actually vey interesting) who lives back in England with his children. She is a very strong, resource using woman which is very good back in the 1630’s because well lets face it ladies, we had no rights what so ever! So these all the characters that I found important to the story because without them you couldn’t have a story.

I think this Fantasy has a pretty good plot because well lets me just say anything with a relationship, paranormal, and a fantasy that gives you a thrill along the way. So I’m gonna try not to spoil this but If it happens then i’ll put spoiler alert on there for you, but anyways In the land of Black magic, war, Angels and Demons and the recoming of the lord chaos is in the making. Meaning, in 1635 you have people who are belting the bible at you and then you have people that are ranting and raving about how christ will rise and bring England back to glory and so and so on. But they are not nearly as bad as the people who are trying to make the lord come back with spells, potions and demons (angels) to do the work for them. But to quickly ramble what the strory is about, Richard is exiled and then talked back into going back, he visits his family, finally sees the truth about cromwell and decides to enlist help, he meets billy and they venture on to save cromwell. So that’s allyou need to know about the book because im saving all the good stuff for you to find out.

I give this book an absolute 5 star rating because lets face it, I LOOOOVE books like this because it has so much action into it that like it can technically be classified as a action. I also loved this because well it had a relationship, war and well anything else like that. So, I totally suggest this book to anyone and I applaud Clifford Beal for his great work of art. Enjoy!

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Crash By Nicole Williams


Crash, two worlds colliding at hyper speed for two people, Jude and Lucy. Lucy from the world of cheering and dancing her problems away, and being the girl to not cause or create problems. Jude from the world of being single but doing every girl he can find, getting in to trouble, selling stuff and just being a freaking dush who is amazingly hot. They meet in the summer and something strange gets enticed and longed for and they draw to each other like opposite ends of magnets. Things happen and well Lucy just thinks it’s over. Then when she thinks they’re done over with it, at school she sees him and he sees her like love at first sight, over again. But if they are falling for each other, what if they miss and fall hard on the ground for each other. Even though opposites attract, it can attract past’s that should stay in the past, lies that should remain in the dark and just plain animosity that should be left alone. Jude and Lucy might just be the two who should stay apart or come together because lets just face it they are unsplitable when together. In the world of a biting high school teenagers who get jealous, urges and well any other thing in the world, can Lucy’s and Jude’s love continue on or will they just be heading for splits vile. I think that’s just the million dollar question everyone is waiting for an answer for.

So let’s just move along into getting to know the character that will be presented in the book. Lucy, the lovable, predictable girl who is model nice, more than easy on the eyes and has an attitude that might just be killer. I totally loved this chick but there was a problem with her. She was so predictable I mean she believed something that she should have asked about but whatever. So that was the problem with her but other than that she was AMAZING. Then comes Jude, he was probably my favorite character because he has a kind of spitting image of what I want in a boyfriend for me. He’s handsome, he’s kind and caring of the women in his life, and he has a deep past. Even though he is depicted as a “cancer cell” (meaning that he’s bad) he is really just the sweetest thing, I mean protecting Lucy throughout the whole book even if he wasn’t talking to her, doing the stupidest things for her, and righting his wrongs just for her. I mean he probably is a guy you would want to meet out in the real world. Next comes well sawyer the double teaming loser. Warning when and if you read this beware of this character because he will sound like he is the… Damn I can’t tell you but just beware of him, he’s just bad news. Then comes Taylor, I mean this chick was amazing at making things bigger than what they actually were. Like she should of been a actress, she made a big deal of Jude walking up to Lucy, then of his announcement. I mean Taylor should get an award for best dramatic friend in the world. Next her parents, which I mean the mom was the Ice queen and the other was the disoriented buttface that sat around. They were always there but when things happen, people change and these parents demonstrated that the most. Lastly is Holly, she was mentioned many times but never actually seen until the middle to the end of the book. She was the typical girl who our parents told us not to be (no offense) who had a baby by a jerky freaker and she was nice because I could feel her realness of the situation and of her character and it was just really interesting touch to the story that kept me reading.

Ploting time, ha ha get it, it’s time for us to plot. Yeah let me just get on with life before I scare you guys away. The book starts out relativily cool by starting with a summer fling. So to explain in the super fast rambly edition, Lucy meets Jude and he’s all like i’m not into the girlfriend/ dating scenario and she just like bites back and they flirt and well a day goes by and well they are finally aquainted and then stuff happens and then Jude and others are arrested taken away and he doesn’t call and then school starts and she’s like the newest hottest girl and rumors start and stop. Jude and Lucy makeout A LOTTT, they go to homecoming, they break-up and get back together and then other normal teenage stuff you’ll have to find out. Anyway’s thats my little summary of their little love story and I hope you enjoyed that ramble.

I wish I could tell you more about everything but I don’t want to give anything away from the book’s greatness. The only other things I will tell you are simple and can be said in three words. Reality of Highschool. This book taught me lessons about school and what can happen if you just do one thing wrong. But anyways before I go all parent on you I’m going to tell you this book is full of ass-beatings, arrests, love, drama and will have you going until the last word. I give this book a 5 star rating because it made me want to read and read and read it over and over. So I suggest you guys take a gander through your bookstore’s, library’s or shelf’s because it is a must read. So Enjoy!

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Emmanuel Stone and The Phoenix Shadow


BookHave you heard about the story of Emmanuel Stone and his life. Well his life is well nothing like normal is defined, I mean his thoughts and history of his thoughts basically got him deemed as a psychopath bomb just ticking until he explodes. The phoenix Shadow, well they have life the hardest. I mean getting chased down because your telling the “truth” and if caught, getting tortured for information. But one Question? Which side is right and which side is wrong? Phoenix Shadow is depicted as bad people in life but are they really. No one knows not even the ones doing the capturing.
Many characters fill this fantasy of a story but I will mention mostly the main ones that are menetioned throughout the book. The first character that is very significant is Emmanuel, he’s been through a lot. I mean his mom and sister died right in front of him and his father ‘s eye. But as the story developes he becomes different in many ways but is still himself. His dad, which if you ask me when Emmanuel left was a Disturbing INDIVIDUAL, he scared me with all of his personalities. Cecilia, was the well umm (off the record the slut of all characters) the worst person that any guy could be with. I mean she doesn’t try to help her boyfriend through his misery. Nicole, she is like my hero of all time, because she kicks some serious butt. I alos like her because she is like a the female lead in a movie. Eli, the person who everyone is searching for. He’s is the kinda of person you see in the movies who is there at first but is gone the next, like he seems like a person who has mastered the act of dissappearing while being a killing machine. Even though there are so many others I am going to stop the list here.

The plot of the story was kinda confusing at moments to figure out how everything was connected but it all played out. So in the book everyone is divided and has their opinions on The Pheonix Shadow and how dangerous they are. And then there is Emmanuel who doesn’t seem to fit into anything until the middle where he finds… (No Spoilers allowed.) Also just to tell you there are many action scenes that will ust make you wanna be like a secret agent. So overall I give this book a Four star rating because it was interesting and made me wanna keep on turning pages. So check out this book, and tell me if you liked it or enjoyed it because I know I did.

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One Stone Left Unturned

By Marianna Heusler  245 Pages  Published By Wild Child Publishing  Published in 2013
By Marianna Heusler
245 Pages
Published By Wild Child Publishing
Published in 2013

Augusta and Tatiana, two girls from two different times with different situations connected by one thing. A stone, a beautiful one, that has a story behind it waiting to be unleashed by the right person. Their lives have been turned upside down completely. Tatiana’s life has been stripped of the riches that she has always been blessed with, taken away from home along with her family in an attempt be saved from the citizens rage. Augusta’s life is not been much better, has no love of anyone except her grandmother and is constantly harassed about her weight problem.

Elaborating on the characters, I found them alive and real like any person that is living and breathing. Starting with Tatiana, she demonstrates a strong leadership personality but with  a string of curiosity on some things. Being the most trusted with certain things showed that people trust her. Moving onwards to Augusta, she was more of the reserved, withdrawn type that tried not to pay attention to things that got her down and if it did then she would eat her feelings out. But towards the end, I noticed a huge change in her personality. Like she would become bold and outspoken, which made me like her even more.  The personality the parents of Tatiana were both different from each other Alexandra, was bold along with being decisive. Nicholas, Tatiana’s father, was not harmful and was not very respected because people would walk all over him. Augusta’s parents well parent and grandma are the opposite of each other. Augusta’s mother is well let’s just say an unconcerned concerned mother that was mostly about how she could make Augusta’s life well horrible for her life being horrible but sometimes showed a little understanding in the end of the book. Elivira, Augusta’s grandma, was like a substitute mother for her because she was kind and gracious for her and loved her like a mother would, until well she fell (the second time) and got dementia.

Story Time, I loved the story line because it joined history along with fiction and well I’ll tell you now I usually don’t like fiction mixed with history, so Before I read this I was kind of skeptical but then I just loved it soooo much. The story revolves around the stone that had been stolen from russia from the Imperial family and left in the church. Which that’s when Elivira found it and claimed in a jacket that she also found. The story is a fast paced, murder story that captures two girls lives and how the stone affect their lives.

I loved this story ALOT. This story deserves a four star rating and I definitely recommend this book to everyone and anyone that loves a good murder story because this one will leave you starving and wanting more. Enjoy!



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Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight



Love at first sight, is it real or just a myth that we make up? I’ve always thought it to be real and a dream of mine that would once come true when I found my prince charming, but never at an airport.Well this Insta Love story starts and begins a romantic journey of these two characters. The title has promised a deep ,passionate romance but has failed to deliver in many ways. But even though it’s failed, it did deliver some great qualities that I enjoyed.

To begin, lets start with a character study. Hadley was kind of a drama queen but with no depth that was tangible. I found her very bland and lacking charm, only because it seemed like her whole life revolved around her father leaving Hadley and her mother. Then there’s oliver, who is this super mysterious, intelligent, polite handsome guy who has some issues to deal with. But it seems like most of those issues revolve around his fathers ( I don’t suggest fathers read this) mistakes and actions. However Hadley’s Father, the asshole who breaks people heart (I’ve had a few those); he didn’t seem like such an ass then, I guess people can change, but his romance with Charlotte was better than Hadley and Oliver’s romance. Like they were just fluent and flirty while Hadley and Oliver were weird and choppy. Hadley’s mother who was the most down to earth still had some issues, but they were kind of expected to happen. Like she was dating this guy who has asked her to marry him like three times and she has turned him down all those times because she wasn’t ready to make this huge move again. I really love the mother because even through everything she’s one of those people to hang on and keep it together.

The story line was just really well made, but just needed some real live, upbeat characters to liven the story up. So the really good thing about this book, is that it starts out as thinking that fate of just doing something could of just changed the present so much. I liked how it was real, by having Hadley miss her flight by four minutes. That chance just made everything after that become a spontaneous combustion of a train. Both Hadley and Oliver were going to london and had the same seat spots but no thought of what would happen next. They knew nothing about how he and her might actually see each other in the future. But I liked that both of them didn’t look into the future they looked into their past but really stuck to the present. I really liked the story line but some things that really bugged me were the author narrating the life of Hadley. You guys know how I stated that she had no depth that was tangible, well I meant that. I felt that the author should of had it in first person so you could see the depth of her and not feel like a stranger. I also felt that the author should have made the relationship stronger between Hadley and Oliver and focused more on them instead of the fathers.

I really had a Love- Hate relationship with this book because it had many things that just wanted me to throw my Ipad at the wall. But it was also a really good story line, so I rate this book three stars. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t like YAY, you know what I mean. So yeah, guys you should check   out the book, I mean it’s worth reading ONCE. So Yeah.