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Lets Talk about Finishing Books

So Howdy Strangers,

It is I Setierah stopping by to write a post, and I have to say that it is good to be back like work has been excruciatingly long and tiring that every chance I have to kick-back and relax I either: fall asleep, stare off into the distance like a creep, or eat pigishly (I made that word up). But I’m happy to write for you guys and not be a creep, because honestly I’m halfway to becoming a weirdo. But on the topic at hand I would like to discuss finishing books, and I really chose this topic because finishing a book is definitely the hardest thing to do. I swear it’s super hard because you have these moments with the book that no one may ever know about, which just means you guys attached at the hip, which is the one thing that every one is dying to have. So let’s get down to the nitty grittiness of finishing books. 

Finishing books, the worst absolute thing that has to be done (when liked) since school was invented. Let’s be honest, all of us readers dread finishing books because it’s like an end to the alternate world we wish our life was, just like the twilight series phase. So the question still remains: How do I break with my book on nice terms? Well to be honest, breaking up with books (finishing books) isn’t easy because you mainly go through the pain yourself because the book has no feelings and pretty much does this everyday like a machine. You feel used don’t you? But you shouldn’t, if a book has many readers it’s a good thing and is the ONLY exception to cheating.  Embrace the book’s loving arms and enjoy the moments you and the book had, and when it’s time to go save the tears for your friends to listen to because the book is already on to the next culprit. 

I’ve actually been this foolish reader, who was absolutely infatuated with the prestigious writing and riveting characters. Believe me, when your that deep in love or infatuation you can’t just hit it and quit it, it’s your job to continue reading the book. Like I said, I’ve been in this situation a few times and believe that once your in, your in. So to all of my readers, get attached and love thy book but when it’s time to go, don’t get teary eyed just leave with your pride. It’s so much easier than begging for something that’ll never be, at least until the sequel. And to be honest, sometimes that sequel just doesn’t live up to the expectations but we have to give it a try anyways. 

So take my advice and be careful with your love because you’ll be hooked in and cooked to eat like a fish. Read until you can’t see anymore because finishing books will always hurt like a knife to the heart. So anyways, that was my quick post and come back for my review of a couple of books you didn’t even know I read, you might even enjoy my reactions. 



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I am a Blogger who DNF’s!

Lets talk about this distress we all go through called, DNFing. As readers we all have days where certain books, that we’re forced to read or we’re recommended to read that just don’t come through, and we drop them. But people take DNFing so serious, and to that I say, what the hell is wrong with you?

Why do readers, especially book bloggers, take it So Damn Serious? Like I know some of you are screaming, “it’s just a dang book“, but then again I understand why we book bloggers take it so seriously. DNFing is an act that tells an author that they basically sucked at writing that book, and most of us don’t want to say that about someone’s book. Basically saying that about someone’s book is like ruining your whole career on purpose, and your not really ruining your career your just telling the truth. And lets be honest, telling the truth scares people so much because then they have to realize that they aren’t going to be perfect and finish every book they read. Like while the book bloggers who sleep a perfect night’s sleep and while having a daily post every day without struggling to find something to write about; I’m here being a real girl, getting no sleep to deliver a fantastic discussion post for my audience while planning a great next month ahead. Being perfect isn’t going to ever be real, so to all of those book bloggers who say you must finish a book-with a pointed finger, and a dissaproving look- I say NO!


Who says we, the people, have to finish every single part of the book! Who says we should have to be bored to death, with words that have an intention of taking our souls and molding them into old people that follow the rules! We are the young, the restless, the rebellious! So no to finishing all the way through, to hell with wasting my time reading words with no intention of entertaining me. This is what I believe, and this is what I live my life by, but I will explain both sides to the story.

My side of the story includes three points: wasting time, boring yourself, and being honest with yourself. First let me address that finishing a book that doesn’t interest you is just wasting your precious time, that could perhaps be used to achieve some peace in the world, or even create a masterpiece like Da Vinci, or Micheal Angelo. It’s just a huge waste of time that sucks all of your energy away. While sucking your energy away it kills every interesting body part that you have in you, even your reproductory organs. Like if the book isn’t doing it for you, then give it up, don’t kill the most interesting parts of yourself for the book. And throughout this whole process you become a liar. Yep, a liar! Let’s just remeber that telling yourself that something is good when it actually sucks gets you no where, at all. Especially when your reading. Don’t lie to yourself like some of these readers, lets be honest to ourselves.

But there is another side to this argument. And it’s to finish the book even if you can’t even stand a word in it. Don’t ask me why, but numerous book bloggers continue to read the book to not only increase their hatred towards the book but to “gain a better perspective on the book”.

Dude in my opinion, if the book sucks on the first page its going to suck on the last page and thats me saying this from a professional perspective. To do a review means you give your real impression of the book while being real to your audience, and by forcing yourself to finish the book you become almost fake because your actions tell readers that book is worth a read and it isn’t.  Like your egging your audience on with your actions to read and finish a book that they can’t stand and for what?! For what is the question I would ask every book blogger that doesn’t DNF and powers through, because powering through just to insult someone’s hard work is worse than putting the book away.

So I invite you guys to rant back to me or whatever, but this is how I feel and it will always be how I feel. And I am not sorry for feeling this way, because it’s me being honest and not being perfect which I hope you guys would respect me for. So thanks for reading and have a great day guys!



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Banned Books is Wrong!

Morning to you guys,

I hope you guys are up for my HUGE serving of opinion and fact, because I just can’t hold my tongue on this anymore. Banned books to me are really stupid. I mean to me, books deliver a way to just get away from all of the shit in our life and to live for an hour, 2 hours or a day without disruption. For most people this is what reading is about for them (adding  small pieces of enjoyment) no matter the content, and I understand there is always going to be those people who disagree with the kind of content but is it necessary for them to voice their irrational opinions. I mean I totally understand that some books have  inappropriate parts but they are just books, chill. But instead of ranting I’ll give you a compelling case.

My question to you is: when did life become more about hiding controversial issues from the upcoming generations? When did life become so controlled? When did the government forget about our freedom to speak aloud? Can you come up with an answer, because I sure can’t. Don’t you remember when you were shown the constitution and promised that you could say just about anything without getting yelled at. If you don’t here’s a quote from it:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

There are exceptions to this law as there are to any law but It’s mostly clear that we have the right to say,write anything that doesn’t incite fight. But when has a book caused someone to harm another? Not that I know of, at least classics or YA Fiction books.

But not only do we have the right to OUR freedom of speech, but also we have the right to write anything our ambitious hearts desire. Even the president of ALA, Carol Brey-Casiano, believes we have the chance to read what we want to read. Here’s a quote from him: “”Not every book is right for every person, but providing a wide range of reading choices is vital for learning, exploration, and imagination. The abilities to read, speak, think, and express ourselves freely are core American values.” Read more: Banned Books

The ALA president is definitely hitting the nail correctly, because books can help establish learning and maybe even encourage changes in behavior. In experiments conducted by researchers from Ohio University, they found that people who took on the life of a main character changed for the better or the worse depending upon the situation. Basically, 82 registered to vote graduates had read a story (in four different variations) about a student who overcame obstacles before getting to the booth to vote; the stories also had small resemblances to the graduates lives. After, they were given a  questionnaire to evaluate how that story influenced there actions for voting. 65% of the graduates voted that they voted on election day versus the people that didn’t read the first person story. “When you share a group membership with a character from a story told in first-person voice, you’re much more likely to feel like you’re experiencing his or her life events,” Libby said. “And when you undergo this experience-taking, it can affect your behavior for days afterwards.”

So I’m telling you this because banning books takes away the learning experience that could possibly help change behavior for the better. If books keep getting banned, what will the following generations have to learn from. We may have tons of people to imitate but I definitely think that having books to help us learn is a better way and by taking away these books because of a few curse words, or  a racial scene can affect society in a detrimental way. Even taking away books because they interfered with religious beliefs is a definite no-no. Actually it’s a BIG no-no because that may not go against the constitution, but it goes against the words of Thomas Jefferson that were also used in the supreme court’s ruling in the case Everson vs. Board of Education.

So to my conclusion, without influential books we will be a world of how Ray Bradbury described as “Members of a futuristic society are also as obsessed with their large, flat-screen televisions”. And honestly, that scares the crap out of me, because without books I would be a nervous wreck and then some, like I could never imagine living in a world where books were burned, no matter the book. But no matter what I say, no matter what I do, no matter how much I scream, our society will continue a pattern that is nor healthy nor right but is wrong. The pattern of banning books will continue because monkey do monkey see and soon there will be no more books to ban. So this is how I feel about banning books and I hope you would feel the same.


Hope you enjoyed,



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Guest Post by Natalie Wright!!

Hey guys, so here’s the post where the spotlight isn’t on me or a post I did. I happily give the spotlight to the author Natalie Wright to give a guest post on the inspiration behind her books. So enough of my ramblings and further ado I offer this post.

“Amidst chaos and ruin, can love blossom in Emily’s Heart?”

That was the story question I had as I began writing Emily’s Heart. What a challenge! On the one hand, I had to create a believable Apocalyptic world in contemporary America. On the other hand, I had to write a love story. It’s hard for a character to feel romantic when a simple trip to the grocery store can result in death!

When developing my Apocalyptic World, sadly the real-world daily news provided plenty of inspiration. Some of my “Apocalyptic World” chapters are pulled from bits and pieces of news stories I had read. My goal was to create a world that felt so real to readers that they’d put the book down, go outside and worry that they were going to be talked by the “Dark Mob.” Good people gone bad and bad people gone worse.

Yet amidst all of the muggings, robberies, kidnapping and killings, I had to find a way for Emily’s love story to emerge. Sometimes hard times can bring people closer.

So guys I hoped you enjoyed this post of the inspiration that helped this author make a question blossom into an amazing story. Have a great day guys and I will see you later.

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Let’s Be Nice

Guys I have a question, why are people all around the world judging other people. I mean I know it’s human nature to be jealous of people but does society have to bring peoples self esteem down all the way down to when some people think about committing suicide. I mean I know this has nothing to do with books but like it has to do with the way we look at other and our words. Like I’m not trying to tell you guys how to treat people but couldn’t we just treat every body like we would treat our parents. I say that all the people I reach they reach everyone they know and the cycle keeps on going so everyone treats everybody right thats either online or in real world. So I’m sorry I sound like a mom but I just needed to say this so don’t hate me.

Love You Guys,


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Friday Night Post: The Best T.V. Shows that kill boredom

Hola my friends, you must all be wondering what you are doing here today? Just Kidding, so I know the last friday post I posted sucked so badly, you guys are probably like NO NO I’m getting out here but wait if you stay you’ll get some favorite shows, that almost everyone is into, just saying. So without further Ado I present you (from 10 to 1) the Ten Best shows that kill boredom.

10. Restaurant Express

 Join 9 Chefs as they show their culinary, business and people skills to prove worthy of having a restaurant. The Chefs work through many scenarios that push them further from their comfort zone.  Every sunday, on the Food Network channel at 9 P.M. I personally enjoy this show because because what’s better than seeing people compete for a restaurant to provide people food. Also because it gives me so many ideas of what I could cook for anyone. So get your notepad, some popcorn and turn up the volume and get watching.

9.  Law and Order

Interested in watching how some people are crazy or do you just enjoy the buzz you get from seeing chases of bad guys, killings of innocents and the punishing of the guilty. This show definitely has al of that for any of the people who like that stuff  mentioned in the last sentence. I love this show when I’m feeling all Sherlock Holmes(y) and ready to solve a case. Also one tip: if you want to bond with your crush or friend or anyone this is probably the best show to watch to get them cuddling with you, but be warned there are some gruesome parts.

8. Pretty Little Liars

Are you ready to try and find out if Alison is alive? Are you ready to find out who A is? Trek along with the gang Spencer, Emily, Hannah and Aria to find out if Alison is alive and who A is and why is he or she stalking them. I LOVEEEE this show, I mean causes explosions in the mind because every time you think you know  what’s going to happen next BAM!!!!!!! Something else happens like you finding out that…. ooooh no spoilers. Psssss girls there are hot guys on this show… just saying.

7.  Bones

Are you an Forensic major or a person who is interested in digging up bones, or basically anyone this will definitely interest you. I mean like what’s better than watching the Forensic side of catching criminals. I happened to love this show so much, like anytime it was on I would literally have to stop what I was doing and focus on that show, like for real. I’ll tell you that this show is highly addictive and irresponsibly a distractor. So I warn you, but hey who said that a lil bit of distracting kills you, Have fun!

6. Friends

Hanging at the coffee shop and fixing each others problems is the name of the game. All of these characters are all friends and at some point in time they have kind of either tried to get together, slept together or have dated, who hasn’t. I love this show, I mean my “Friend” has been like why aren’t you talking to me so many times because me and I was just like huh and yeah. This show is not addictive but fun and entertaining because of all the drama. Don’t we all have to much of the drama in our lives!

5. Family Guy

Like yes, this is my jam like for real. This is a really stupid funny show, like really. This show is where there is the whole family and friends with their families and basically this is life with all of us not having common sense. I suggest when you watch it, there are no young people because well lets just say the S*** gets real and I mean real. SO viewers discretion is definitely advised but hey it does help kill the boredom.

4. The Originals

This is like a spinoff off another show, but it’s about the Original family of vampires. They like literally started the whole generation of vampires, but getting back to the show it’s about how the originals want to take back their land or New Orleans. I just love this show but sometimes iI do get pissed of like really it’s bad. But also like Pretty Little Liars, there are some hot guys in there like for real. So you should stick your fangs in this show because once you start you wont be able to stop.

3. Vampire Diaries

Amazeballs, this is the first series I started watching like for real. It has a love triangle and it’s basically about a chick who you know meets these brothers at different times and gets mixed up in some serious S***. I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH, LIKE YES!!!!!! It has everything from Hot guys to a hook-line sinker story line. Try it and If you like reading Vampy books then this show will sink it’s claws and never let you go.

2. Scandal

She fixes everything that you could possibly do wrong in life. Like the Main character Olivia fixes everything from a Senator sexting all these women to well the President having an affair. Like she’s hard core man. I love this show so much, because it never stops getting juicier and letting secrets come to the light like this is real life stuff you know.

1. Breaking Bad

Have you ever seen a teacher just start a meth lab and be good at it? Like for real this happens, the Teacher who is a chemistry teacher, he decides after he finds out he has lung cancer to just you know start making meth, Drastic change I think. Even though I just started watching this show I am tot’s hooked, it’s like so real to me now. He makes me want to break bad along with him. And if this doesn’t help your boredom, I don’t know what will.

So I hope you enjoyed and I hope you enjoyed the pictures and uhh try some of those shows out ok.