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Friday Night Post: The Best T.V. Shows that kill boredom

Hola my friends, you must all be wondering what you are doing here today? Just Kidding, so I know the last friday post I posted sucked so badly, you guys are probably like NO NO I’m getting out here but wait if you stay you’ll get some favorite shows, that almost everyone is into, just saying. So without further Ado I present you (from 10 to 1) the Ten Best shows that kill boredom.

10. Restaurant Express

 Join 9 Chefs as they show their culinary, business and people skills to prove worthy of having a restaurant. The Chefs work through many scenarios that push them further from their comfort zone.  Every sunday, on the Food Network channel at 9 P.M. I personally enjoy this show because because what’s better than seeing people compete for a restaurant to provide people food. Also because it gives me so many ideas of what I could cook for anyone. So get your notepad, some popcorn and turn up the volume and get watching.

9.  Law and Order

Interested in watching how some people are crazy or do you just enjoy the buzz you get from seeing chases of bad guys, killings of innocents and the punishing of the guilty. This show definitely has al of that for any of the people who like that stuff  mentioned in the last sentence. I love this show when I’m feeling all Sherlock Holmes(y) and ready to solve a case. Also one tip: if you want to bond with your crush or friend or anyone this is probably the best show to watch to get them cuddling with you, but be warned there are some gruesome parts.

8. Pretty Little Liars

Are you ready to try and find out if Alison is alive? Are you ready to find out who A is? Trek along with the gang Spencer, Emily, Hannah and Aria to find out if Alison is alive and who A is and why is he or she stalking them. I LOVEEEE this show, I mean causes explosions in the mind because every time you think you know  what’s going to happen next BAM!!!!!!! Something else happens like you finding out that…. ooooh no spoilers. Psssss girls there are hot guys on this show… just saying.

7.  Bones

Are you an Forensic major or a person who is interested in digging up bones, or basically anyone this will definitely interest you. I mean like what’s better than watching the Forensic side of catching criminals. I happened to love this show so much, like anytime it was on I would literally have to stop what I was doing and focus on that show, like for real. I’ll tell you that this show is highly addictive and irresponsibly a distractor. So I warn you, but hey who said that a lil bit of distracting kills you, Have fun!

6. Friends

Hanging at the coffee shop and fixing each others problems is the name of the game. All of these characters are all friends and at some point in time they have kind of either tried to get together, slept together or have dated, who hasn’t. I love this show, I mean my “Friend” has been like why aren’t you talking to me so many times because me and I was just like huh and yeah. This show is not addictive but fun and entertaining because of all the drama. Don’t we all have to much of the drama in our lives!

5. Family Guy

Like yes, this is my jam like for real. This is a really stupid funny show, like really. This show is where there is the whole family and friends with their families and basically this is life with all of us not having common sense. I suggest when you watch it, there are no young people because well lets just say the S*** gets real and I mean real. SO viewers discretion is definitely advised but hey it does help kill the boredom.

4. The Originals

This is like a spinoff off another show, but it’s about the Original family of vampires. They like literally started the whole generation of vampires, but getting back to the show it’s about how the originals want to take back their land or New Orleans. I just love this show but sometimes iI do get pissed of like really it’s bad. But also like Pretty Little Liars, there are some hot guys in there like for real. So you should stick your fangs in this show because once you start you wont be able to stop.

3. Vampire Diaries

Amazeballs, this is the first series I started watching like for real. It has a love triangle and it’s basically about a chick who you know meets these brothers at different times and gets mixed up in some serious S***. I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH, LIKE YES!!!!!! It has everything from Hot guys to a hook-line sinker story line. Try it and If you like reading Vampy books then this show will sink it’s claws and never let you go.

2. Scandal

She fixes everything that you could possibly do wrong in life. Like the Main character Olivia fixes everything from a Senator sexting all these women to well the President having an affair. Like she’s hard core man. I love this show so much, because it never stops getting juicier and letting secrets come to the light like this is real life stuff you know.

1. Breaking Bad

Have you ever seen a teacher just start a meth lab and be good at it? Like for real this happens, the Teacher who is a chemistry teacher, he decides after he finds out he has lung cancer to just you know start making meth, Drastic change I think. Even though I just started watching this show I am tot’s hooked, it’s like so real to me now. He makes me want to break bad along with him. And if this doesn’t help your boredom, I don’t know what will.

So I hope you enjoyed and I hope you enjoyed the pictures and uhh try some of those shows out ok.



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Relaxing and Chillaxing Friday

Having fun? Well me too, even though I’m backed up on my blogging work. Anyways, I wanted to do this post for you guys, because you liked the last one so much. So I want to give a different friday post, instead of ways to have fun and connect; I wanna show how you can just say F*** it after the whole week of drama, like I know how losers can be. So without further ado, I give you three tips on how to relax it out.

1.) Yoga Poses and Disconnecting

Turn off the TV. Turn off your computer ( After you read this) and totally disconnect from every electronic you have. Research does say that using an electronic before sleeping does keep you up longer (like what I am doing right now). This will happen because of the light being portrayed as sunlight, which will make you less sleepy. Anyways moving along, Take a blanket, mat or whatever you have that can cover the ground below you. You will be doing this for a few Yoga poses that really calm people. Now make your way into child pose (go backwards from downward facing dog) and don’t think about anything. Then move into Warrior pose (knee halfway down, arms both vertical at shoulder length), no thinking. And lastly, make you way into Lotus position (criss cross apple sauce). Then just lie on your back and stretch your arms out and close your eyes. Do this for however long but remember don’t think! This will just clear your mind and help you forget for now.

2.) Expression Of Heart

So, have you heard about expression. Sometimes its a form of art, writing, poetry sometimes even anything. Is there a catch, your asking? Nope, just sit down and be prepared to let all your worries out. This is works like a charm. Especially writing will help loose your problems and forget about everything for a moment.

3.) Music

This one is hands down my favorite tip. To just sit there and listen to music. Any music is good, but classical or just a melody kind of music is really mind clearer. This is my favorite thing because I just forget, like everything that’s behind my barrier. Like Bob Marley said ” One good thing about music. is when it hits you, you feel no pain.”

So, Just kick-back, calm down and Relax. I mean after a whole week of people, everyone deserves to do that. So I know this is nothing like usual but Hey you never know till you try it.

So bye guys!!!!!



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Friday Night Special

What’s tonight? If you said Friday, then you’re so right my lovers. Tonight is the night that we all say we’re gonna do something or hang with someone ,but you know we never do (at least I don’t), we all just like sit down on our bed, couch or love seat scrolling away at Facebook or twitter. So tonight, so you have no indications of sadness or boredom, here’s some ideas to make it so much fun being by yourself that everyone will wanna do it with you (have fun).

1.) Throw a dance party, for only one. I don’t mean with boring old music and getting on your computer and listening to it; I mean physically, take out your Ipod and then connect it to your speakers and just dance. This will help you two ways: one, the moving will make good hormones and make you feel good and two, you will just have fun!

2.) Curl up and read a book. It may sound so boring, but trust me, it’s not at all. Connect with the book and explore it and get to know it and then after your done with the book, search on anywhere for a review and share your own opinion. I’m telling you once you put up your own thoughts you will feel not only like you’re being heard but you will also feel really good.

3.) Watch a whole bunch of movies and scream at the t.v. no matter if it’s just a horror to a comedy. Just scream (not loud enough for everyone to hear) about their down falls. This is definitely my favorite one of all.

4.)  Bake cookies or some delicious dessert that you can gain two or three pounds off of. To add to this, picks some of your favorite tracks of music and you won’t regret this. WARNING: DO NOT get carried away with you’re dancing or well you’ll get this.


5.) If you just want to relax in bed, then I suggest going on google and searching funny videos and OMG you will be LAUGHING YOUR A** OFF!!!! Like this will be you in 5 min into the video


Then this….



And lastly…





So try some of these out and I guarantee you will either scream like you’re being killed, dance like theirs no tomorrow or laugh so hard you start crying and peeing and yeah all sorts of gross things. So have fun and well don’t get too crazy with anything. Bye and Have a great time doing this!

P.S. Click on the 2nd and 4th picture for epicness!!!!!