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A very weird vlog: Stolen by Lucy Christopher is driving me insane!!!!!!!!!!!

So guys as the title states, I am going crazy reading the book Stolen by Lucy Christopher, which it’s so ehh mehhh eghhhhhhhh it’s killing me and I can barely write and then I love this book and I’m just confused. Like I love the book but there is this weird feeling between me and this book and then this book is making me feel so insane and I just can’t, I just can’t. It’s like my mind is trapped in a house, just like Gemma, and I just can’t go anywhere but the only difference is her captor is a steamy, attrative, cool guy and mine is a book that is playing with my emotion and I’m only in the first 30 pages. I feel like I have stockholm’s syndrome because I’m now dedicated to this book but my emotions are everywhere and I’m trapped and in love with my captor. I just can’t, but I’m okay guys (at least i think). But anyways. I’m gonna try to sort out me and this book’s life and figure where we go from now but you guys should leave comments below about stories about feeling this way when you read some books, or tell me some books with some crazy feelings like this. Anyways, If i don’t freak out and update again then just be expecting a review.

Love Setierah


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Let’s Be Nice

Guys I have a question, why are people all around the world judging other people. I mean I know it’s human nature to be jealous of people but does society have to bring peoples self esteem down all the way down to when some people think about committing suicide. I mean I know this has nothing to do with books but like it has to do with the way we look at other and our words. Like I’m not trying to tell you guys how to treat people but couldn’t we just treat every body like we would treat our parents. I say that all the people I reach they reach everyone they know and the cycle keeps on going so everyone treats everybody right thats either online or in real world. So I’m sorry I sound like a mom but I just needed to say this so don’t hate me.

Love You Guys,