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Hey guys,

So I had to totally talk about something that is very important. So as you may know I am a book junkie, like I mean if books could be snorted I would lol. Like I would be on that book drug. But I hate when you go on book outlet and your like “Today is the day that I buy ten books without being ashamed of myself”, or we all at the very least want to feel that way but it all way turns out like “WHY, Like why did I have to spend $50.00 on books, I don’t understand”, and then 30 minutes later we’re like “OMG, there’s new books on book outlet.” (tell me I’m not the only one who does this).

The point is, I am struggling with my newly found addiction to buying books, and not like 2 or 3 books, but like 10. I am addicted to buying books and haven’t been able to buy any books for the last two months, because of the happiness the new book brings me. I mean don’t you like the first 5 minutes at looking at at a babies face, well that’s what looking at the cover for 5 minutes is like for me. I am definitely at peace when I see those covers, like they keep me calm and make me feel good.

So your probably asking me why am I telling you this? Well, it’s simple. I am admitting my addiction to buying books. And what better way to tell, then tell my audience, small but great, audience. I even invite anyone to comment on my post if you are addicted.

That’s all I really have to say, and thank you guys that read my words, and appreciate my words. I truly love you guys and think that telling you guys the truth is the most important thing ever, and will always be the most important thing for me guys to tell you guys. So, this is the truth and I hope you guys tell me whatever you need to admit, I don’t mind.

Have a great night guys!



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Blogging Goals of 2015!!!!<3


So like really I missed you guys so much, but to contain all of my happiness I am finally doing my sort of goals of 2015. Basically I have only a few goals that would really make me feel good, and these goals are going to be centered around blogging. Then i’ll make a book goals of 2015 to let you guys know what I’m striving for. But anyways here are my blogging goals of 2015.

1. Take Responsibility for My Blogging Career

As a blogger I dreamed of having a great fairy godmother that would wave her wand and magically make me have a great blogging life. But as you all know ,THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. So I soon arrived at the point that I had to work for it and really hard. But I have a point about this so stay with me, I’m confessing that I really want to take more responsibility for my blogging career. Yep, I said it, I feel that I could be more responsible for my career as a blogger.  I don’t know how but I will figure how to better myself as a blogger, because it isn’t fair to you guys that I sporadically post here and there and promise a consistent post. So I am going to change and become a responsible blogger.

2. Be More Social (less loner lol)

Absolutely nothing is wrong with being a loner, which I know but I realized that it’s important to be social and make friends around the blogisphere (I know I spelled that wrong but we will all live with that). I figured that instead of having just my books as friends, I could have actual people as friends. Lol, seriously though I really have no people to talk and converse with about books, unless they are those annoying people who ask about your book and act confused after you explained everything, like wtf. 

But I feel that I just need to have a crowd of bloggers who have done it better and longer, so changing my crowd and improving my surroundings.

3. Become A stronger Critical Reviewer 

I really thought about this goal and think that it may seem foolish to other stronger book bloggers because you can’t change the style of your writing because it’s simply your writing. But I think that if I improve and become more critical, I may one day be able to provide reviews that gives insight to readers while not spoiling the books for readers. This will also help me with my analyzing passages for my standardized tests, so it’s a win win for the both of us. So being me, I am going to try to improve my style, YAY!!!

4. Keep Up With The Jones’s

I know what’s going through you guy’s mind right now, such as    OR     

But I need you to stay with me, keeping up with the Jones’s is to stay alert on the books that book bloggers are reading. I know, who is going to mention the unknown books. Well, I am but I still need to keep up with the newest books to bring my viewers the best informed reviews.

So there are my goals, short and sweet and to the point and I will be following up with my goals in reading for you guys to see. But I hope you guys enjoy your night and ohhhhh let me not forget that I have so many new books and will be doing something to recognize them very soon so get ready for that and have a great rest of the week. Love you guys!!!



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Review: We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

Hi guys,

So what’s up with you guys since I last talked to you guys, school, living, mysterious reading of a book or reading a mysterious book. Whether or not you had anything change, or have read a mysterious book I have something that may change your life. This book is called We Were Liars by E. Lockhart, and let me tell you something this book is unrealistically thrilling. But because of the amount of secrets and deception, I have to keep the scene secretive and deceptive, which means I can’t really tell you about the book. #sadness.

So I will tell you guys that this book had me so freaking emotional, like i swear this book will just push you to the edge and leave you there for the rest of the book. Basically, you’ll be an emotional wreck begging the author to just let you off the carousel but it won’t. Even after reading the book you’ll never forget the book, like never. But throughout the ride of the book you’ll enjoy it. Hopefully your reaction won’t be as bad as mine was, because I was using bad language, while crying and well it was serious. But overall, I give the book four stars out of 5.

But before I go, I need you guys to please promise that you guys aren’t going to research the spoilers and try and know the plot before you actually read it. But, I already know some of you are going to try and look things up about the book so here if you look below there’s a summary and review about it.

Goodread’s  Synopsis

A beautiful and distinguished family.
A private island.
A brilliant, damaged girl; a passionate, political boy.
A group of four friends—the Liars—whose friendship turns destructive.
A revolution. An accident. A secret.
Lies upon lies.
True love.

The truth.

So yeah there you go.



Living Life Like Larry Lol Nah, Living Life On The Couch With Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hey Larry livers, It’s me Setierah a blast from the past lol, I think you already knew that though so yeah. So what’s up in life, have you guys been reading or acting weird and chilling on the couch with cookies, just like me lol. Lol, but enough laughing and I’ve actually been reading ALOT, so don’t judge me you weirdos ( didn’t mean that you know I love you guys).Anyways, I know you guys are probably expecting a whole bunch excuses like, ohh my computer doesn’t work (it doesn’t, it needs to be fixed lol) or my mom told me no more blogging (that would never happen, my mom is all for me expressing my feelings to YOU GUYS lol) and a whole bunch of other excuses, but guess what I have none for you guys. I’ve just been neglecting my blog like it doesn’t exist lol. But here’s an update of everything you stalkers.

A Quicky: I’ve been working (yep I gots me a job, besides this) to make that green lol. I also just started school and well let me just express that school has been as different as ever, like i’ll spare the drama for you guys. Umm, I have been reading and a secret (I’ve specifically been finishing my BookTube book reading) while reading for a few companies. Basically I’ve been more than a regular teenager, while battling with my proper school self. 

So, that was my life summed up in a nutshell and well I should be posting Tuesdays and Fridays around 10 P.M., so check that out. Lastly, I probably will be shunned by you guys by asking this but can you guys go on my twitter and use #questionsforsetierah and give me questions to answer. Please don’t be like last time and let me just cry by myself, in a corner, about how they didn’t want to know about my pathetic life lol. So I am asking, nicely, that you guys could leave me questions please. Anyways guys, I have to catch up with some other things and then I’ll be hitting the sack for bed and for school (ugh) and i’ll talk to you tomorrow morning for a school vlog, and tomorrow night for a review.

Bye guys, Love You



Sleep Tight guys, don’t let the monster books bight lol! Lol and thats me eating a cookie. I’M COOKIE MONSTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!