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Let Me be Honest

So guys I want to explain a couple of things before we start communications again. I left blogging. I didn’t take a vacation or just take a leave of absence, I left for real and was going to never come back! Yep me, the non-quitter was about to quit and to be honest I’m not ashamed of my close call. Now before you lose all respect for me let me explain.

I left for one reason, one reason only. I was pissed that you, my audience, isn’t as interactive as I want them to be. They aren’t my audience it seems. I was just hurt that you guys didn’t care about my giveaway and that what I was trying to do was important and I kind of just lost it. And to be honest I lost sight of what was important, views and likes! And I’m not being shy but I’m finally realizing my problem, which is I’m not giving you the desired content you want. I looked through all of my posts I saw that the highest liked and viewed ones are not my book review, no they were my honest lifestyle posts. The posts that I always enjoyed doing, turns out that effort worked out better. So today, the day I decided to keep this blog alive and away from the chopping block I made a decision to remake this blog. And before a riot begins, I am not taking the bookish part away, no I’m just adding the lifestyle part to my blog that you guys like so much. So this is not only for me, but it’s for you to get the content you want!

But before I finish, I want no I need you guys to answer the poll I’m going to leave at the end of this. It is absolutely essential for me to know if you like this, if you don’t or whatever. I just want some feedback to get me back into the swing of things! So the new dates for posting are Wednesday and Friday, and occasionally Mondays; I will let you know on twitter if I’m not posting! SO please fill out my poll and umm be cool lol!!



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I have a confession

So I know you guys aren’t priests but you guys are like my judge and jury so I wanted to confide in you. As you guys know, or don’t know, I take AICE Literature and these type of classes are super competitive and for some countries means an entry into college but I live in the U.S. So we really don’t take it that serious, as we should, but it’s life. But today I want to really just tell you something that makes me feel so bad. Seriously.

The books that are required for reading are just like ughhhhh, and I hate them like I just can’t, and I know you guys right now are like shrieking in despair yelling “Setierah IS A FRAUD!!!” lol but I’m not, I swear. I love reading, don’t get me wrong but I don’t like books that feel pretentious and overdone, you know what I mean. Like this book House Of Mirth is a great example about a society that is horribly miserable whose main job is to make happy people upset and dead inside, and the people trying to get in jump through hoops just to get criticized. I think this book is a great example of society now just minus the money and you’ll get the same tortured chaos that was presented in the book, but what makes it worse is the way women are described and forced to marry. Maybe this is a personal issue but the whole situation creates a biased reaction from me. I just hate it.


And so in knowing this and trying to read this, I despise this class and the reading in it. I just can’t relate to the main character and I don’t even know why I don’t. Maybe it’s because of the point of view the author chose to write in, or based on the personality of the character, or the way she was “supposed to be” but the character was really distant, like miles away. But also, I don’t know if it’s just me but the story just dragged on like it was like a soap opera but without the interesting plot twists and fabulous personalities of the characters. It was just plain boring and I hated it. It’s like if I wanted to read about this I could just watch someone’s life.

So this is how I feel and I just wanted to tell you so I could get it off my chest, and I know that it was only one book but it has affected my whole time in the class because I don’t want to write about something that I can’t stand you know. And it’s not like every book in that class is horrible but one book affects all other books. Kinda, sorta even though I’m trying to not sound prejudice or judgmental or whatever they call people like me lol (I hope they’re good names lol). So that’s all, so I’ll just walk into the sunset for my total honesty today, and see you on Tuesday I think lol.



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Blogging Goals of 2015!!!!<3


So like really I missed you guys so much, but to contain all of my happiness I am finally doing my sort of goals of 2015. Basically I have only a few goals that would really make me feel good, and these goals are going to be centered around blogging. Then i’ll make a book goals of 2015 to let you guys know what I’m striving for. But anyways here are my blogging goals of 2015.

1. Take Responsibility for My Blogging Career

As a blogger I dreamed of having a great fairy godmother that would wave her wand and magically make me have a great blogging life. But as you all know ,THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. So I soon arrived at the point that I had to work for it and really hard. But I have a point about this so stay with me, I’m confessing that I really want to take more responsibility for my blogging career. Yep, I said it, I feel that I could be more responsible for my career as a blogger.  I don’t know how but I will figure how to better myself as a blogger, because it isn’t fair to you guys that I sporadically post here and there and promise a consistent post. So I am going to change and become a responsible blogger.

2. Be More Social (less loner lol)

Absolutely nothing is wrong with being a loner, which I know but I realized that it’s important to be social and make friends around the blogisphere (I know I spelled that wrong but we will all live with that). I figured that instead of having just my books as friends, I could have actual people as friends. Lol, seriously though I really have no people to talk and converse with about books, unless they are those annoying people who ask about your book and act confused after you explained everything, like wtf. 

But I feel that I just need to have a crowd of bloggers who have done it better and longer, so changing my crowd and improving my surroundings.

3. Become A stronger Critical Reviewer 

I really thought about this goal and think that it may seem foolish to other stronger book bloggers because you can’t change the style of your writing because it’s simply your writing. But I think that if I improve and become more critical, I may one day be able to provide reviews that gives insight to readers while not spoiling the books for readers. This will also help me with my analyzing passages for my standardized tests, so it’s a win win for the both of us. So being me, I am going to try to improve my style, YAY!!!

4. Keep Up With The Jones’s

I know what’s going through you guy’s mind right now, such as    OR     

But I need you to stay with me, keeping up with the Jones’s is to stay alert on the books that book bloggers are reading. I know, who is going to mention the unknown books. Well, I am but I still need to keep up with the newest books to bring my viewers the best informed reviews.

So there are my goals, short and sweet and to the point and I will be following up with my goals in reading for you guys to see. But I hope you guys enjoy your night and ohhhhh let me not forget that I have so many new books and will be doing something to recognize them very soon so get ready for that and have a great rest of the week. Love you guys!!!



Living Life Like Larry Lol Nah, Living Life On The Couch With Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hey Larry livers, It’s me Setierah a blast from the past lol, I think you already knew that though so yeah. So what’s up in life, have you guys been reading or acting weird and chilling on the couch with cookies, just like me lol. Lol, but enough laughing and I’ve actually been reading ALOT, so don’t judge me you weirdos ( didn’t mean that you know I love you guys).Anyways, I know you guys are probably expecting a whole bunch excuses like, ohh my computer doesn’t work (it doesn’t, it needs to be fixed lol) or my mom told me no more blogging (that would never happen, my mom is all for me expressing my feelings to YOU GUYS lol) and a whole bunch of other excuses, but guess what I have none for you guys. I’ve just been neglecting my blog like it doesn’t exist lol. But here’s an update of everything you stalkers.

A Quicky: I’ve been working (yep I gots me a job, besides this) to make that green lol. I also just started school and well let me just express that school has been as different as ever, like i’ll spare the drama for you guys. Umm, I have been reading and a secret (I’ve specifically been finishing my BookTube book reading) while reading for a few companies. Basically I’ve been more than a regular teenager, while battling with my proper school self. 

So, that was my life summed up in a nutshell and well I should be posting Tuesdays and Fridays around 10 P.M., so check that out. Lastly, I probably will be shunned by you guys by asking this but can you guys go on my twitter and use #questionsforsetierah and give me questions to answer. Please don’t be like last time and let me just cry by myself, in a corner, about how they didn’t want to know about my pathetic life lol. So I am asking, nicely, that you guys could leave me questions please. Anyways guys, I have to catch up with some other things and then I’ll be hitting the sack for bed and for school (ugh) and i’ll talk to you tomorrow morning for a school vlog, and tomorrow night for a review.

Bye guys, Love You



Sleep Tight guys, don’t let the monster books bight lol! Lol and thats me eating a cookie. I’M COOKIE MONSTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why is there a Sunday? Deep thinking time lol

So good morning guys, I know I haven’t posted any vlogs which you guys love (lol idk if you do) but I’m back with literally trying to think about what I want to talk about today but I am blank like a person staring at a white wall. But good morning and happy last day of the weekend, which is very sad for me lol because I like my Saturdays and Sundays where I usually sit down and literally do nothing but I guess doing something is better than doing nothing. But I feel like Sunday is the most boring day ever presented on the calendar. Like I would want them to change the name to “weekend ender” or “pre-Monday” But this day is also very good for reading, I mean it gets way more interesting and plus what’s better than being in a made-up world. Alrighty then, I guess there was a purpose to this vlog, to insult Sunday. But Sunday is a good day it’s just very boring for me sometimes. But anyways, enjoy your last day of the weekend and I’m going to get some reading done.
Bye guys,


P.S. I’m reading Inland and Carnival so check those books out because they are fantastic.

Happy National Donut Day!!!:)

Hi guys, It’s national donut day and my taste buds are jumping around like jelly beans because it’s better accepted to eat as much donuts you want than on any other day! So if you like donut’s then buy a ton and eat a ton especially while reading because eating and reading go hand and hand together, I can’t even describe how. Also I hope everyone who wanted to see the Stolen Review saw it because I just wrote it and did it for you guys so yep. Anyways so hopefully your summers are as grand as I hope they are because well mine is great, especially from you guys who follow my blog or just get interested in what I write. So thanks, and I’ll see you guys soon.

Bye Guys,




Lets make Local and National Donut places famous and rich.

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Good Morning Guys!!!! I’m out of the Craze! :)

Good Morning to all of my followers or new comers, I want to firstly want to say I know I’m up early but I have my reasons for being up. Next I just want to say to all my followers that I finally finished Stolen by Lucy Christopher and I am so happy I read it because it was a great reading experience because of how original the love story was, I mean how overused is stealing someone from an airport because you love them like man this book was just so amazingly plotted and I just love it and can’t wait for the movie and whatever else is being made from the book.  Anyways, look ahead for a review about Stolen. Furthermore I’ve been reading everything else with a clear head and I definitely think you guys should check out the book Stolen and yeah just read away your life. Anyways, I’m either going to get prepared for the day or sleeping. So enjoy your morning you guys!




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About me

About Me

So you wanna know about me? Well first you need to know that I love to read, so if you don’t like to read then you shouldn’t be here. I ban you if you hate reading, but to my readers I definitely want to say books are my way of escaping this world full of losers, idiots and B’s (if you know what I mean). So this is my way of inviting you in my world.

Alright so now about me. I’m an official nerd to reading and writing like whenever i have a chance and I’m not on the computer I have a book in my hand just reading, like sometimes I read 200 pages in lke 2 hours so I LOVE reading. Next thing you should know is that I’m 15 and I’m in highschool (duh setierah). I love fashion and makeup so I might start a different blog for that. I do have a boyfriend but that is top secret information. Umm what else is there, bleh uhhh I can be very Hyper for anything if you give me a reason to be. Oh and I’m very friendly so if you ever want to talk you can go to my twitter or my Email and sends me something.

I don’t really know what much to say but comment what you wanna know and i’ll definitely tell you in another post like this. So make sure you leave comments. Also I ask if you are gonna comment please no hateful comments because what i write on here is for you guys and my sake of not going crazy so… And you can always request what you want me to write about or whats evs. So bye!!!! Love you guys.