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Would You Rather??!!

Hey you guys,

So today I decided to have some pure fun and answer some would you rather questions, and I purely did it to make you guys happy, lol no because I was lazy and didn’t prepare my other posts for today, but anyways. So I have picked some pretty cool questions that are funny, gross, and maybe even borderline inappropriate but when and doubt let’s do it anyways. Have fun reading my on the spot gibberish and feel free to do these questions as well, matter o fact click here for the place I took the questions from. Anyways, on with the show!!

1). Would you rather swim through a lake floating with dead bodies or a lake of sewage water and the industrial wastes?

To be honest, I would have to pick swimming through a lake of dead bodies because let me just tell you sewage water has shit and piss involved and that is definitely not my thing like no, even though those dead bodies would have defecated in the water so I guess it doesn’t really matter lol. But Honestly it does.

2). To suffer from stomach ache for the rest of your life or have a bowl of your own shit for a week; which one would you rather do?

Umm well let me tell you like this, I AM NOT EATING WHAT I HAD TO PUSH THROUGH MY BODY TO GET OUT! At least for the stomach ache I have medicine I could take. You never come back from eating your own shit, remember that.


3). What would be less embarrassing to you; in an interview you sneeze and stutter or the sixty years old business leader of the company flirts with you and you have to humor him even when you think that he is a creepy and disgusting?

An interview where I sneeze a million, jillion times like for real I’m not up for getting hit on by someone twice my age no five times my age.

4). Would you want to be become powerful and fearsome like a dragon or have a magical dragon at your beck and call?

Become powerful and fearsome like a dragon because yes!

5). What will be a nightmare for you; be hairy all over the body and unable to shave it or being hairless even with no hair on your head?

My ultimate nightmare in this situation is, believe it or not, being hairless with no hair on my head. Like I would love it if my body was just hairless so I wouldn’t have to shave but I need hair on my head because that’s like my stress ball. My hair is the part that keeps me sane in life lol. (Like my post if you agree lol)

6). What is your worst fear; to be buried alive or to drown in a sea?

I would have to say that my fear would be drowning in a sea, like trust me it’s the absolute worse thing that could ever happen to me. Imagine a vast image of blue where when you look down you could see nothing but black and blue. A place where animals smell you before you can even see them lift their kind of nostrils. A place where every creature is dangerous, I would have a panic attack and die, so bury me alive!

7). Would you choose the superpower of seeing and  creating the future as you like or rather change the past as you desire?

I honestly would choose to see and create the future as I would like because changing the past is like changing myself, and I really really really like who I am soooo changing the past for me would be useless.

8).  Would you suffer in solitary confinement for five years to become rich and famous or never become rich to avoid prison and torture?

I will take suffer in solitary confinement for 500, Alex. But really I would rather suffer and work for having money and opportunities then just coward away. Like if you can survive for five year in solitary confinement, you literally deserve to have 10 million dollars. Case and point.

9). Would you rather have an orgasm and then pain or never feel the orgasm?

Umm, without being awkward I’m going to say that I would rather have the orgasm and then the pain after. Like the way I see it is if I put out hard work for you and you did the same and I didn’t orgasm well umm, let’s just say I wouldn’t be the happiest camper. Literally and Physically. The orgasm is like the A you get on a paper when you did a great job and because I’m a superficial student, I NEED that A.

10). Would you rather pet a dragon or a dinosaur?

Dinosaur, I would feel more accomplished if my hand wasn’t severed or worse I wasn’t killed. It would feel like I was indestructible and immortal.

11). Would you rather be completely bald or have hairs on some of the part of the head?

Completely bald, I would look like Angela’s doll with small areas of hair.

angela's song

12). Would you rather be left in a desert or in Antarctica?

In Antarctica, let me freeze with my sanity!

13). What would be less gross; to enter your parent’s room while they are naked or rather to make love with your brother/sister?

To be honest, entering my parent’s room while they are naked because I would never stop throwing up after making love with my brother, like a year after I would be BVlahhhhhhhh all over the place. I would be put in a mental institution, thats how bad it would be.

14). Would you watch a porn video where your boyfriend/girlfriend is having sex with someone else or rather peep into your parent’s room when they are making love?

How long do I have to watch my parents? Is my boyfriend with a random girl or an ex? Is this his job or did he just use this as an excuse to cheat? These questions matter, like I think overall I would take watching my boyfriend’s sex tape because it would just be meaningless.


15). What would be worse; to accidentally watch your father masturbating or rather your sister masturbating while talking to her boyfriend?

Umm listen, to all of you, my relationship with my dad is DEF not like that sooooo, yeah. I would take watching my sister masturbate with her boyfriend because at least I can give her tips, lol no at least it’s not crossing that many boundaries as my dad would be.

16).  What is a gross nightmare; to have bird droppings in your hair for the whole day or rather eat bird droppings for five minutes as a dare?

Eating Bird shit is equivalent to me eating my own shit, soo yes that is my grossest nightmare I could ever have!!!!

17). Would you prefer to eat gum which was stuck on someone else’s hair for a few hours or rather have sticky gooey gum stuck in your hair for a day?

Umm, if I have the gum in my hair will it come back out because if it does I’m game lol.

18). Would you prefer bad breath or rather sweaty and sticky hands when you meet your best friend and long time crush after some time?

On the real, I would rather have sweaty, sticky hands because let me tell you that was just what me and my boyfriend’s date was like and obviously it wasn’t that bad because we’re together lol. It isn’t that bad to be honest, it’s better than bad breath.

So that was me answering some very entertaining but borderline weird as hell questions. I literally hope you guys love this post because to be honest it was really fun answering the questions because they were SUPER funny! Really though, I had so much fun ad if you guys want to see something like this then definitely like it or whatever the hell you want to do ad definitely do these questions if you can because let me tell you you will have soooo much freaking fun, I swear. Like they even have these questions for couples, which I’ll ask my boyfriend a couple to see his reaction, but anyways once again I hope you enjoyed and umm definitely have a good day and stay tuned for some awesome things happening soon!




Sorry to some of you, I was just having some fun, and well if your reading this part and saying you should be. Umm how do I say this politely granny, it’s the twentieth century have some fun and loosen those panties of yours and have some fun lol.

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Blogmas #1 Christmas in the best form!!!


Good Morning Loves,

So today will mark my first day for blogmas because last week was absolutely too busy to even blog on so I decided to do it this week and next week and see how I feel about doing it every day for the rest of my life, like for real my struggle. But umm this is my small introduction which I have no idea why I do them if I’m not reviewing something but anyways.

So like this morning when I walked into my grandma’s house, I noticed one of my favorite things that I thought I would never get to have, College acceptances! LOL one college acceptance letter because everyone else wants to process it still, but I got accepted guys. I even announced it on twitter, which you might know if you follow me, which you should. Like twitter is my fave!

But literally I was so excited because this means I’m actually college material which I’ve been doubting since the beginning of senior year, isn’t that positive.But on a serious note, I’m sooo thankful for this, especially because they also provided money for me to go to school there, which is surreal right now. Like I literally cried from the moment I found out.


Disclaimer: I’m not sharing this to brag or anything because I’m not like that, so to you guys who think I’m bragging I swear I’m not. Like I would never brag about this, I’m just generally happy about being able to go to college and fulfill my lifelong dreams, even if I have grammatical errors in this post lol! But seriously!

I mean if, anything I thought rejection would be my life for right now, and I imagine that it fell like this.


Rejection in it’s finest

I mean this is worse than college rejection, I mean having your daughter fake a pass like that is just wrong. I would probably cry if that happened to me. But yeah, I think every senior believes that they aren’t college material and to that I say NAY!

Anyways, I have a question, for any of you guys do you watch youtube videos all day on vacation because it always seems that I do that and only that because you know youtube is that procrastination life. Lol, actually one of my goals in life is to be one of those places that make people want to procrastinate with me because honestly, that means your super interesting. That’s kind of like a popularity scale for me, ranging from so bored you’ll do your calculus over reading my posts to forget about school she’s life. Like GOALS!

What people say to that dream of mine.

But the goals of that will never be reached or will it, you never know! I mean if it doesn’t work you can always do something easy like becoming a doctor, or beyonce, it’s not hard lol.

But enough of me wasting your guys time, and to you who are on vacation have a great vacation and do something different every day to live your life and to you who aren’t hang in there, it gets better! Before I go here’s my question to you on vacation: what are you guys doing this vacation? And those of you not: what’s your favorite artist to get you through school?

Love you guys,


P.S Leave me comments and follow me on twitter because they make me happy 🙂

P.S.S I always reply just to let you know 🙂

Living Life Like Larry Lol Nah, Living Life On The Couch With Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hey Larry livers, It’s me Setierah a blast from the past lol, I think you already knew that though so yeah. So what’s up in life, have you guys been reading or acting weird and chilling on the couch with cookies, just like me lol. Lol, but enough laughing and I’ve actually been reading ALOT, so don’t judge me you weirdos ( didn’t mean that you know I love you guys).Anyways, I know you guys are probably expecting a whole bunch excuses like, ohh my computer doesn’t work (it doesn’t, it needs to be fixed lol) or my mom told me no more blogging (that would never happen, my mom is all for me expressing my feelings to YOU GUYS lol) and a whole bunch of other excuses, but guess what I have none for you guys. I’ve just been neglecting my blog like it doesn’t exist lol. But here’s an update of everything you stalkers.

A Quicky: I’ve been working (yep I gots me a job, besides this) to make that green lol. I also just started school and well let me just express that school has been as different as ever, like i’ll spare the drama for you guys. Umm, I have been reading and a secret (I’ve specifically been finishing my BookTube book reading) while reading for a few companies. Basically I’ve been more than a regular teenager, while battling with my proper school self. 

So, that was my life summed up in a nutshell and well I should be posting Tuesdays and Fridays around 10 P.M., so check that out. Lastly, I probably will be shunned by you guys by asking this but can you guys go on my twitter and use #questionsforsetierah and give me questions to answer. Please don’t be like last time and let me just cry by myself, in a corner, about how they didn’t want to know about my pathetic life lol. So I am asking, nicely, that you guys could leave me questions please. Anyways guys, I have to catch up with some other things and then I’ll be hitting the sack for bed and for school (ugh) and i’ll talk to you tomorrow morning for a school vlog, and tomorrow night for a review.

Bye guys, Love You



Sleep Tight guys, don’t let the monster books bight lol! Lol and thats me eating a cookie. I’M COOKIE MONSTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Lol hi guys,

I just had to tell you my happiness about getting the Opposition. This is like the last book in the Lux series and I’m so freaking happy about getting the last book in the series. It’s like boom, pow in the gut lol. Like when I heard the book was out, I literally had to get it. LIKE LITERALLY, I am ftfo (freaking the freak out) lol even though everyone knows I literally just skipped over the actual word lol. But anyways, I’m so excited so about getting the hard copies of the books, ahhhhhhh I’m excited :). But anyways besides that. my day was okay and normal as usual. But before I go, I hope you guys check out my giveaway and totally enter and check the sidebar for the giveaway info.




About to Be About that Health life!

Hey guys,

So as the title may have already revealed I’m going to be about that health life, meaning I already eat pretty healthy but I eat so much sugar especially while reading. Like on Friday I was reading Prom Impossible by Laura Pauling, which is great so far, but I’m not going to lie I made brownies and well I ate three while reading so I want to see if I can workout while reading to get that perfect summer body. Lol not perfect but pretty close lol. So yeah, I’m going to work that out and also find some workout inspiration to get started. Also I will probably be doing a review of the Selection series as a whole or over next week, so lookout for that and yeah keep on living life guys.

Peace Out,



Happy National Donut Day!!!:)

Hi guys, It’s national donut day and my taste buds are jumping around like jelly beans because it’s better accepted to eat as much donuts you want than on any other day! So if you like donut’s then buy a ton and eat a ton especially while reading because eating and reading go hand and hand together, I can’t even describe how. Also I hope everyone who wanted to see the Stolen Review saw it because I just wrote it and did it for you guys so yep. Anyways so hopefully your summers are as grand as I hope they are because well mine is great, especially from you guys who follow my blog or just get interested in what I write. So thanks, and I’ll see you guys soon.

Bye Guys,




Lets make Local and National Donut places famous and rich.

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Stolen: A letter to My Captor

Gemma had a perfect life before going to the airport with her parents,

"A Heart-Breaking story, that captures the heart and never lets go."
“A Heart-Breaking story, that captures the heart and never lets go.”

from going to get coffee across the boarding area her life changed into being the missing girl from England. A mysterious guy named Ty, finds the girl from his dreams and steals her from her world throwing her into his world full of silence, heat and empty, barren lands. This book was a struggle, what I mean by a struggle was I mentally died, and it was a completely different and such an original book from what I’ve ever read before. It was a rollercoaster of immediate feelings of love, hurt, hatred, with so many other feelings that I currently can’t name. Lucy Christopher, a master mind of words, created the most interesting captor matching with a strong female lead. Stolen is full of pointless escape attempts, enjoyable banters and heart-breaking moments.
The two main characters in this novel have played a huge role in creating a real life heart-breaking story about a girl being kidnapped and trapped in a place with no escape from an emotionally unstable captor. Ty, who was the captor, had a rich history of being hurt, misused, and neglected. All of these experiences have made Ty a lonely, detrimental time bomb, who loves easily while getting hurt all of the time. He’s such a sweetie to Gemma, by helping her, feeding her while trying his best to please her. But while Ty is a good kind person, he made an awful mistake of taking someone against their will and a moral mistake of trying to make someone love him back. While Ty was the captor, Gemma was the victim, and was mostly an interesting character. At some point in the book I felt that she became depressed and lonely and basically lost her fight in her and succumbed into being trapped. I loved the character especially when she started seeing that Ty only loved her and started to return his love back. Maybe its messed up for me to say this but I felt these two characters were meant for each other.

“What you did to me wasn’t this brilliant thing, like you think it was. You took me away from everything- my parents, my friends, my life. You took me to the sand and the heat, the dirt and isolation. And you expected me to love you.” This quote basically explains the whole book of him hoping and praying that someday she would be okay from being in isolation away from society. He did sort of have a good plan but the one thing wrong was he took something that wasn’t for him to take. The truth was that, he was wrong to take her to Australia and to expect her to love him.

This book was the hardest and most amazing book I’ve read in a while and it made me cry and wish that everything was different for her and him. It was super hard to get through with not crying for them and an unemotional person would probably be the only one person that wouldn’t cry. I give this book a 5 star rating because this story was original, beautiful and was full of a passionate, heart-breaking romance. I totally recommend this book to everyone to read because once you do read it, you won’t be able to stop reading the book while not being able to not cry. So this book was amazing and Lucy Christopher has made me into an emotional sap over this book. So, I love you guys and wish you the best for reading any book you desire.

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Oreos and Movies with fine Actors

Afternoon my loves, how are you guys doing? I know I’m doing great and definitely enjoying watching movies especially watching After Earth with Will Smith and Jadan Smith, which If I might add was okay and I’m currently watching Abduction with Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins which is amazing. So I’m having a fine day and was thinking can Oreos increase the happiness of your day, like I know books can increase happiness of a day but like can those two cookies filled with that white, puffy, delicious filling can create a better day? Lol, I know this is off topic but you know it was a question I was wondering and thought hey, I know I can ask my audience from my blog. So yep and anyways keep on visiting my blog and hopefully I’ll post the review of Stolen. So have a lovely day and before I leave here’s a question to consider, What’s your favorite cookie and does it make your day better?

Bye Guys,



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Long Behind update:)

Long behind Update 🙂

Hi My Slayers, So I know I’ve been a bad blogger and didn’t keep my word to blog almost everyday but to all those bloggers who know what I mean of a lazy period, where you are just like, “Bleh, I’m not doing anything for those people.” Lol so that’s what I went through for the whole two weeks that I haven’t posted, which I’m taking seriously and I wont (hopefully) do ever again but hey it happens.

So today I wanna talk about many things, but I will only focus on one thing. This one thing may change everything in the world but maybe it won’t, but I’m talking about Booktubethon this weekend!! I am so excited because this is my very first one and I’m just very happy and ready to get back in the groove of things. And the only reasons I’m telling you because 1). I trust you guys and don’t wanna dissapoint you in any way (more than I have) and 2). I think the blog posts will be good for me.

So I invite any Readers or book bloggers that are either in a slacking mode or are just trying to get their reading groove on because this is perfect for all of us. The deats are that their are no challenges, the booktubethon is really just to see how much you can read and push yourself. It was created by Katytastic, the Youtuber who I absolutely love, and a whole bunch of other people. So set your goals of how much your gonna read and get ‘er done and be rejuvenated by Monday to face the world.

Even though I said I really wanted to focus on one thing to gain a focus, I feel like I should put this in so you can be prepared. I will be posting a few book reviews and other surprises on this weekend and week but I warn you my sleeping schedule will probably be effed up so much so wish me luck.

So have a Great whatever and I will be back refreshed and happy after this weekend and I hope you have a great weekend and do the booktubethon just to have some fun. Alright I’m gonna go to bed because I’ve had no sleep like really so Good Night or Good Morning. Bye!!! 🙂

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I Gots A Question: Should I Watch Breaking Bad???

Breaking Bad

   So I’ve been wondering if I should watch Breaking Bad. Like I know I am so late, but like I hated not knowing what everyone was talking about. So should I watch it, I feel like wronged the community by not watching Breaking Bad. So leave you opinion if I should watch it because I wanna know what you guys think. But I’ll probably watch it anyways but yeah leave you opinions down below. K thanks :).

Ms. Slayerofya

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Relaxing and Chillaxing Friday

Having fun? Well me too, even though I’m backed up on my blogging work. Anyways, I wanted to do this post for you guys, because you liked the last one so much. So I want to give a different friday post, instead of ways to have fun and connect; I wanna show how you can just say F*** it after the whole week of drama, like I know how losers can be. So without further ado, I give you three tips on how to relax it out.

1.) Yoga Poses and Disconnecting

Turn off the TV. Turn off your computer ( After you read this) and totally disconnect from every electronic you have. Research does say that using an electronic before sleeping does keep you up longer (like what I am doing right now). This will happen because of the light being portrayed as sunlight, which will make you less sleepy. Anyways moving along, Take a blanket, mat or whatever you have that can cover the ground below you. You will be doing this for a few Yoga poses that really calm people. Now make your way into child pose (go backwards from downward facing dog) and don’t think about anything. Then move into Warrior pose (knee halfway down, arms both vertical at shoulder length), no thinking. And lastly, make you way into Lotus position (criss cross apple sauce). Then just lie on your back and stretch your arms out and close your eyes. Do this for however long but remember don’t think! This will just clear your mind and help you forget for now.

2.) Expression Of Heart

So, have you heard about expression. Sometimes its a form of art, writing, poetry sometimes even anything. Is there a catch, your asking? Nope, just sit down and be prepared to let all your worries out. This is works like a charm. Especially writing will help loose your problems and forget about everything for a moment.

3.) Music

This one is hands down my favorite tip. To just sit there and listen to music. Any music is good, but classical or just a melody kind of music is really mind clearer. This is my favorite thing because I just forget, like everything that’s behind my barrier. Like Bob Marley said ” One good thing about music. is when it hits you, you feel no pain.”

So, Just kick-back, calm down and Relax. I mean after a whole week of people, everyone deserves to do that. So I know this is nothing like usual but Hey you never know till you try it.

So bye guys!!!!!



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Friday Night Special

What’s tonight? If you said Friday, then you’re so right my lovers. Tonight is the night that we all say we’re gonna do something or hang with someone ,but you know we never do (at least I don’t), we all just like sit down on our bed, couch or love seat scrolling away at Facebook or twitter. So tonight, so you have no indications of sadness or boredom, here’s some ideas to make it so much fun being by yourself that everyone will wanna do it with you (have fun).

1.) Throw a dance party, for only one. I don’t mean with boring old music and getting on your computer and listening to it; I mean physically, take out your Ipod and then connect it to your speakers and just dance. This will help you two ways: one, the moving will make good hormones and make you feel good and two, you will just have fun!

2.) Curl up and read a book. It may sound so boring, but trust me, it’s not at all. Connect with the book and explore it and get to know it and then after your done with the book, search on anywhere for a review and share your own opinion. I’m telling you once you put up your own thoughts you will feel not only like you’re being heard but you will also feel really good.

3.) Watch a whole bunch of movies and scream at the t.v. no matter if it’s just a horror to a comedy. Just scream (not loud enough for everyone to hear) about their down falls. This is definitely my favorite one of all.

4.)  Bake cookies or some delicious dessert that you can gain two or three pounds off of. To add to this, picks some of your favorite tracks of music and you won’t regret this. WARNING: DO NOT get carried away with you’re dancing or well you’ll get this.


5.) If you just want to relax in bed, then I suggest going on google and searching funny videos and OMG you will be LAUGHING YOUR A** OFF!!!! Like this will be you in 5 min into the video


Then this….



And lastly…





So try some of these out and I guarantee you will either scream like you’re being killed, dance like theirs no tomorrow or laugh so hard you start crying and peeing and yeah all sorts of gross things. So have fun and well don’t get too crazy with anything. Bye and Have a great time doing this!

P.S. Click on the 2nd and 4th picture for epicness!!!!!




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Truth Or Dare Tuesday

Hey my People, so tell me if this annoying but I decided to do a theme day (tell me if you don’t like it). And so this is going to be next Tuesday because i didn’t get this up yesterday so I need truth or Dares for books to random things (let me remind you that they have to be appropiate and not nasty) and thats where you guys come in. I need you guys to send emails for a video of Truth and Dare questions for me to answer or do. So also I posted on my twitter, so check it out. So dun-dun-duh-dun the email address is I made it simple so you can remeber but know that this is not my personal email so you will reach this mailbox and I might not respond quickly so yeah that’s it. So send emails of truth or dares (nothing innapropiate or nasty) oh and I will only accept 6 good truth or dares next week So Make Them Good! Good luck.