My life, ehhh boring but as long as you want this little story of my life. So once upon a time I was born and was taken into a home where my parents and brother were very nice to me. Pause. I don’t think you guys want the life before I’m a full teen, so Fast forward. So starting since Aug, 25 2013, I started my blog and started 10th grade. I know I’m so young, but anyways this blog has taken my life away from really close friends, family and friends but it’s totally worth it. What I do in my free time is well what a normal teen does, chill, talk to friends and watch youtube. But I’m really not different from some teens except I have my own blog, lol SURPRISE!!!!!!!!! I volunteer alot, I am a youth leader in my community, I’m currently looking for a Job. So yeah, but getting on, I will hopefully have daily vlogs, follow me around’s and get ready with me’s because who says you can’t take a peek into my life just because this is a book blog. So check out this page along with the rest of my blog and enjoy!





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