Review Policy

Hello  there I see you’ve stopped by to see how to get a review from me ,well your going in the right direction. Before you find out how I review make sure you have:

  • An Interesting Cover
  • Your story is original (if it isn’t then at least have one element that can make your book seem original)
  • You have a good developed story
  • Great Characters

NOTE: If you don’t have these 4 elements in your lovely book know that your book will receive a low star rating. I don’t want that to occur to any author so please have these elements.

                   RATING SCALE

@.I’m so close to dying 

@@.Boo You, Bore!

@@@.My Type of Tracks

@@@@.What Is This Drug…


NOTE: If your book scores lower than three, when I send you an email saying if the review is up I will give you reasoning of my decision.

How I review 

If you read my reviews you may see a few things that I mainly look for and mention to my readers. Those elements I mention such as:

  • Characters
  • Plot
  • Character Development

Those elements are important because they tend to make the reading experience real and allows the reader to connect to the character as well as the story. So those elements are critically more important for me than other elements. I look for characters to be well-defined, detailed and to act like normal, living and breathing creatures, but not only to be defined but to develop as the story evolves. In the plot I look for a good developed story that doesn’t lack or overuse detail. Lastly, I add all of these pieces up together to get your rating of a five or lower.

 When I Review

I review books within A weeks time. It takes a week because I have to read the book, take some time to figure how I feel and then the review takes like 2 or three hours to formulate. My reviews are usually really thought out because of the time it takes but if you don’t think the review is fair then I can go back and change it to make sure that the review is fair.

Note: If the review receives higher than a three rating, than I won’t consider the change because the rating is high so yeah. Just a friendly reminder.

What I Review

I review:

Young Adult contemporary

Young Adult Mystery

Young Adult Romance

Young Adult Sci-Fi

Young Adult Paranormal


Note: I do consider other genres, but generally I work with these genres mostly. I work with these genres because I mostly like to reach viewers who read this also but if you have any other genre then just shoot me an e-mail and I’ll reply most likely with a yes. 🙂

Other Information

I am not a professional reviewer or critic but just a girl with specific taste in books. I am currently accepting requests. When you send me an email, please include the following pieces of information:

  • Name of book
  • Picture of the book you prefer
  • Pages
  • Publisher
  • Your website
  • Your Name
  • Synopsis of your life
  • Synopsis of the book

When I post the review of your book I will include the following:

  • Name of book
  • Synopsis
  • Character analysis
  • What I thought
  • Plot Analysis
  • Introduction
  • Picture
  • Author Synopsis
  • Author Picture (optional)

I am always available for contact anytime at I get back within 24 hours and work about the whole day so yep, that’s my life.

Bye Friends and Have a good life


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